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[ Events ] Decisive Bonds


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No more hype for this event, and i guess this event getting boring.


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If your power is lower than 50k, don't enter. The matching system is more broken than Sage World. like seriously, you will be pit against people with 60-70k power when your power is only around 40k. A very bad event imo.

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It feels like you have a very high chance to fight someone who is stronger than you. The matches I had so far weren't close to be equal power. It's always a power difference of 10k + power, yesterday I even fought Kozo with 240k power. I'm here with 61k. I guess this 2v2 arena is availible in like 1 month when the ranking is set as it should be. For example I started as special jonin and after like 20-30 fights i'm still at this rank.

So in my experience the matchmaking is the biggest problem. Nvm the biggest problem is the error "one or more participants canceled the queue".

I don't dislike the event at all but I would like to not see the error again.

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* when you feel like they finally add a new event that works well (its hurts )

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