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[ Ninja Exam ] Need help with ninja exam lvl 100


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Hi. I recently unlocked ninja exam lvl 100 stage and I need some help to beat it. I also suggest a f2p lineup.

I use water main.

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This video was for something else but if you have about 27-28k power and access to those ninjas, you can get through it, it does however take quite a bit of RNG to pull off, but keep trying and you'll get it eventually.


Shark Bomb Mystery
Chakra Blade

Poison Tai

Tiger Summon (Purple OR Gold)

And that's about it, make sure Naruto isn't blinded on round 1, make sure he can Rasenshuriken Minato on Round 2 to interrupt and so on, you can see how it all plays out, You really just need to cancel their mysteries and survive long enough for the Poison to kill them before they kill you.

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