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[ Plot ] naruto TLDR: prologue/land of waves


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disclaimer: i was trying to be funny, dont take anything seriously. please.

key word here is "trying". i've never written humor before.

also to the mod, my apologies in advance if i accidentally crossed the line with this post without realizing it.

so i was thinking about the fact that a lot of people who play this game havent watched naruto so...


okay so nardo is about this giant pokemon that decides to attack the hidden leaf village. so they send a bunch of pokemon trainers to kill it

and this one pokemon trainer who was aiming to be the very best like no one ever was decides to run over to the pokemon and chuck a masterball at him

so the pokemon gets caught in the pokeball but not before it kills him. and somehow they decide to give the pokemon to this lil baby named nardo as his starter mon cause i guess they ran out of bulbasaurs or something.

flash forwards to the present. nardo is this really adhd spazzy kid. evil looking guy with bandanna tricks him into stealing a piece of paper but then he gets into a big fight with his former best friend and nardo beats him up with his new flashy SHADOW-CLONE JITSU OOH AAH WOW.

then we meet this lil adhd kid who tries to @ss@ssinate nardo for some reason and his overseer is this creepy guy with weird stalker gl@sses who ends up getting rekt by the end of the episode i cant even remember why and how it happened.

right after that we meet the other two important characters. a garbage bin and an emo.

you also meet a fat guy, a little whiny person, an insomniac, a creepy stalker, practically a adhd carbon copy of naruto except he has face paint and lots of hair, and batman. but this doesn't matter since none of these other guys besides garbage can and emo are important until the next arc since adhd kid nardo is hogging the spotlight. rude.

now some people are like "creepy stalker girl is best waifu ima tap that"

and some people also have crap taste since anko is best girl :P

anyway adhd kid nardo gets put in a team with emo and garbage can’t. their team leader is this masked dood named kakshi who wears a mask to try and make himself look cool since he rips off all his other fighting abilities.

they have a pointless test. garbage can’t feeds nardo after he’s tied to an adhd post. short time skip happens and nardo complains about life not being interesting. i mean come on man you’re a shonen anime protagonist. something interesting is definitely gonna happen. thats how shonens work man

so they get a mission where they 3scort this drunk guy over to who knows where and on the way they get ambushed by these guys with wolverine claws and dommynatrix chains who are basically deep sea divers or something like that. then after that mr. p00fy pajama pants shoves his big girthy executioners sword into a wood for no reason and kakshi reveals his blood vessel popped eye to try and scare him off

mr p00fy pajamapants dies of fear straight away and this girl in a mask stabs him in the neck for no reason and takes his corpse away. the thing is kakshi is so embarr@ssed that he showed his blood vessel popped eye to a stranger that he is left weakened for the next like 6 episodes.

soooo problem solved right?




mr p00fy pajama pants is actually the best actor in existence and actually never died woooooooooah. kakshi realizes this and is like “ok so since im still paralyzed in fear you servants need to kill him for me” and he makes them run up a tree because mr p00fy pajama pants is afraid of people who run up trees. that’s why he dug his big thick juicy sword into a tree that one time.

or maybe he was just getting wood

nardo runs into this girl who turns out to be a hideyoshi in disguise. a little kid who has a Gilligan hat also shows up here somewhere but then a pirate and a guy who looks like he lives in his mom's bas3m3t do a Dynamic Entry (tm) straight through the frakkin wall and kidnap him and his mom. and nardo’s like “who you think you is” and seriously reevaluates their alive status.

but wait he’s the protagonist he cant kill people lol jk, well not until much later that is

anyway they go to a bridge. as it turns out mr p00fy pajama pants was there ambushing them with the hideyoshi since they were actually sidekicks. hideyoshi takes off his clothes and strips down since this is a shonen anime we gotta have some fanservice, but we still gotta get the show published through the editors radar so the entire area floods with mist and shiny lights to censor everything. 10/10 censorship

emo guy is actually gay and he suffers a major critical existence failure after seeing hideyoshi’s stripped body. nardo is so upset by the fact that emo guy likes hideyoshi and not him, he sends out his ninetails out of its pokeball for the fist time and reks hideyoshi. in the meantime, kakshi rips off mother nature and tries to kill p00fy pajama pants with a lightning bolt but hideyoshi uses Wings of Mercy 3 and teleports there right in time and gets killed because hes actualyl from another series

then this guy who vaguely looks like mickey mouse shows up and he’s like “look all of you get out of here, i need to sell my ShamWows six for the price of one. i mean come on that’s SIX for the price of ONE!!!!!!!!” and mr p00fy pajama pants is legit pissed off since he bought four for the price of one last week and he feels ripped off. so he kills mickey mouse without using his big thick executioners blade, but then realizes he killed a major disney mascot. so walt disney sues him and he dies of horror

this entire time garbage cant is watching and doing nothing

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What the heck is going on!?

Made me laugh once I realised who the characters were, LOL.

Ah see dose jokes dere. Ah see... =_= *squints* though as long as you're making those kinds of jokes, Zabuza's voice is perfect for that (Little Kuriboh's Naruto Abridged reference)

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I have fallen at "mr. p00fy pajama pants" and I have no strength to get up x'D

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That's a... really blatant reference to Baka&Test.

Also this kinda reminded me of Fire Emblem: Mistakening to some extent O.O

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