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[ Suggestions ] Remove ambush in group summon


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Remove it!!.I used to be always in top 3 in summon,now with ambush,drop to 4-5,just becouse summon die when i still fighting ambush.Is this a way to reward players for theyr effort?Not to rely on power,teambuild,but on pure luck,to be attacked from ambush or not?I kill ambushes,but they simply waste my time.

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no, is exactly meant that way so that theoretically who is 1st, 2nd, 3rd and so on is not set in the stone before the events even starts and with the next summons it will be way more useful than now since could be without the boosts they grant you can't even beat the summon.

consider that snake is actually thought to be an hard match for level 60-70 people with less than 30k power.

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The 5 coupon per team member per ambush is nice, it's up to 45 extra coupon for the group, why you complaining?

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The ambushes system eliminated the chance for people in small-to-medium groups to attack at the very last minute just so they get killshot and get the extra coupons., which is a shady move. You have two approaches on how to deal with ambushes; do it in groups or you use three people who don't do meaningful damage to be used as decoys while others go.

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