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[ Player Guide ] Ultimate Guide to Debuffs in Naruto Online [All of them]


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  • MidnightSun On 2017-10-29 04:54:54
  • Useful post, I didn't know tag only lasts two rounds

sometimes tag lasts even 1 round only, but i still don't understand what makes tag disappear when this happens.

anyways, to do some punctualizations for what i understood about these matters:

1) Tag reduces 30% of the enemy defense/resistance, does not increase by 30% the damage. It means, if you own 10000 resistance and 8000 defense (is just an example) then, as long as you are tagged, you'll be considered like if you had 7000 resistance and 5600 defense. So the damage increase is the difference between how much the first values reduce it and how much the second ones do.

2) Sleep, Immobile and Chaos replace one another, so, if you are chaosed and you get sleeped you are now only sleeped and not both sleeped and chaosed.

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  • ICExx On 2018-01-10 00:45:23
  • I'd like to add that every 1000 difference in control stats gives 10% chance to resist a debuff.

    Which means if you have 3k control and your enemy 13k you will always control fail him.

i'm pretty sure is capped at 95%

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