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[ Player Guide ] Ultimate Guide to Debuffs in Naruto Online [All of them]


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Removal priority has some mistakes. Here's the rules:

A: Paralysis, Slow

B: Acupunture, Blind

C: Immobile, Sleep, Chaos

D: Lower Defense/Resistance

E: Poison, Ignition

F: Tag, Imprison

Rule 1: Higher class debuffs are cleared first (Slow>Acupunture, Immobile>Poison)

Rule 2: If 2 debuffs are of the same class, the first one inflicted is cleared first (Slow is inflicted before Paralyze: Slow is cleared, Poison is inflicted before Ignition: Poison is cleared)

Rule 3: If Poison is reapplied it's order changes (Poison is inflicted, then Ignition, then Poison again: Ignition is cleared)

A CN player made a tutorial vid for this before. Here's the link:

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