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[ PVP ] PVP madness


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"We *ed every F2p and small spenders after bringing Cross sage and Space-time, what do we do now", "Let's make a bond arena where big spenders can ONCE AGAIN, * on everyone else"

I tend to complain quite a bit, but i don't complain when there is no reason too, but as i said some time ago, you're giving YOUR community more and more reasons to complain. you don't show any care towards the majority of your player base which are f2p and small spenders.

Plus you lose as much pts as you win in this bond arena, which makes things even harder than they should be in the first place, i guess it's another event i won't be playing, but i'm starting to play less and less because you push your players to play less and less by giving ALL advantages to big spenders.

Inb4 the same people call me salty or whatever, i don't care, i know what i'm saying is in the right.

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