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[ Events ] Why Oasis so slow merging servers?


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I started an account in China not long ago, it had 2 merges already. Its full of people and fun. Our merge was almost year ago, all top spenders but one left game. Im feeling that server(5 servers actually) will die before New year time. But Oasis does nothing to prevent this, very sad.

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Hi! Server merges does take time because there are numerous factors to account for. It is not just based on our decision but also feedback from players. It takes a lot of time to find out what the majority wants and what is best for the servers that are going to merge. Terribly sorry for any delay, but we are focusing on merging the servers that have not been merged first. If you have any issues regarding your specific server, I do highly recommend submitting a merge request on the merge request forum Found Here.


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