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One year of every active player..


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Server can probably tell when the player was first activated and in the day of his one year anniversary would have been awesome if he could get a small pack of something like a one year b-day for his avatar....even though is like coins or magatamas or refines that would have been bad the VIP system doesnt work...i mean that thing works but u havent connected it to the game so for us to matter..personally have 18k points which dont do anything. One year of our avatar is really a thing that Naruto online should celebrate with the tell them that they matter. Thank you.

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That should be a broad topic to be considered vehemently ; furthermore, your suggestion speaks out loud on behalf of those players that have been playing for a year.

great one by you . I hope it's taken into consideration and be applied in the same manner.

peace , love. Stay LEGENDARY and GOLDEN

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The one year anniversary of playing a game is a big thing, I for one am going to hit in next month, on the second.

It'd be really nice if they did this!

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How about a B-day suit for water main? or that turns all the mains into girls or something.

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what's the point of an anniversary gift for 1 year playtime players if it's just a pack with lvl2 magatamas and medium refines, just goes to show how little the players now expect from oasis I mean really coins and magatamas after playing for 1 year!, in 1 year even if you skip most events like nine tails and mobilization missions you can still get all level 6 magatamas on your team at-least 50k, so whats the point of an anniversary gift if all you get for your points is a few dozen level 2-3 magatamas and coins. anniversary gifts are usually something really good like a new anniversary only ninja that you can get to 5 stars by collecting 50-80 frags each year Now that is an anniversary gift or New exclusive anniversary only costumes work too.

Jib Edit: Please try not to talk about other games!! Thank you for your understanding =]

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  • Shotgunman! On 2017-09-18 02:52:55
  • How about a B-day suit for water main? or that turns all the mains into girls or something.

Why would we want to turn all the mains into girls?

I personally would like something more... practical to be honest, if we're actually doing this kind of thing. Though that's just my opinion of course.

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brithday costume for our main! and curse mark level 2 Tayuya

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Well I just said coins,magatamas and refines.Doesnt have to be that....wont make a difference but id know they care just a little...before the anniversary they cared enough to get compensation packs when the server maintenance was delayed now we dont even have that....granted the speed has been better but still ive waited till 9am..anyway I play the Chinese "version" of the game and I say version cause we get a lot of stuff from Taiwan as well-like skill books be done with fragments..and there is no level 2 curse mark for the curse mark ninjas...i think they may have planned that but after all the other ninjas and new updates they were left behind in the dust through would have been awesome..big fan in game of ukon sakon cause 5 min ago I demolished itachi SA with him...last round 90 percent damage to the brothers with his mystery.

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Now that I think about it, Anniversary gifts would give players more of a reason for staying, or to * around.

Maybe one day I'll say what I wanna say about how they feel about us... But not yet. I'd prefer to have a good time, and not make 11 months, going onto a year soon, a waste.

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But who qualifies?

Does player who registers, play for 1 hour, come back in a year qualify?

IMO, the qualification would affect the content. I am all for rewarding players who have logged in every day for a year with something amazing, something worth thousands of coupons perhaps(which isn't all that much if you think about it, you can collect thousands per month so... not even 10% of just the coupon collection, less than 5% of the player's "net worth")

On the other hand, if the qualification is lax, then some meh magatama is about all it's worth.

Ofc, asking player to play every day of a year is too strict and thousands of coupon probably too much. So a reasonable 300+ active day for 500-1000 coupon worth of stuff would be reasonable. Maybe a clothing like the 70k power pack one, not a lot of stat but something unique and useful

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