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[ Events ] Why masked man is so expensive?


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I mean he was 110 coupon at best in the boxes now with 20 procent is not even 160...thats bad cause he is now more exoensive than hidan.

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Well maybe my math is wrong about the boxes which now I think of it yeah it was over 150 coupon but dude dont tell me that I spread false information cause he is still 200c base which is more than his actual base 180c.

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  • Zathroth On 2017-09-14 23:29:04
  • to be exact, during fateful encounter:

    105 points/frag * 80 = 8400 - ammount of points you need to redeem 80 frags

    each orb of vitality costs 10cp and can give between 5-15 points (15 is max that i've ever had, not sure if its overall highest value)

    (required points/max roll on orb of vitality)*cost of orb=total cost

    best case scenario:



    worst case scenario: you get 5 points for each orb of vitality



    Now depending on luck, the price will vary between minimal and maximal.

No worries...not fighting well I had like 75-80 points during 10 orbs so I got 40 frags of him...granted 105 points made him like 140 coupon a frag but I guess thats the best we can hope for I guess. To be honest I was more pissed cause almost every 10 percent off its the original value of the ninja or other stuff.

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