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[ Events ] Why masked man is so expensive?


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in mission dealer he was for 90 points, which is 180 coupons. In fateful encounter price varies, but is around 12-14k, depending on luck. In current treasure of the sages, hes base price is 200cp, so 180cp with 10%, 160 with 20% and 140cp with 30% discount, so his full cost is 11200 (30% disc). Thats the cheapest direct buy (and only direct buy that's not rng related or with other benefits) of both masked man and jonin minato that we had so far. Stop spreading false information.

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"now with 20 procent is not even 160", well that is spreading false info, no offence. No point arguing over that.

Anyway, 140cp with 30% is the cheapest we had so far. Maybe some individuals got him cheaper during fateful encounter, but thats rng based.

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to be exact, during fateful encounter:

105 points/frag * 80 = 8400 - ammount of points you need to redeem 80 frags

each orb of vitality costs 10cp and can give between 5-15 points (15 is max that i've ever had, not sure if its overall highest value)

(required points/max roll on orb of vitality)*cost of orb=total cost

best case scenario:



worst case scenario: you get 5 points for each orb of vitality



Now depending on luck, the price will vary between minimal and maximal.

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