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[ Updates ] Event Feedbacks - 14th September


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Server : 62-hanzo

Region : UK

Current BP : 71K

Events : Skill Breakthroughs

Opinion :the ninjas lack viability and create a large restriction on the viable teams for pvp and pve

Reasoning :adding more skill breaks will increase diversity of the meta sooner rather then later will directly, increase enjoyment and replay-ability of the game by allowing players to be able to create more varied teams whilst still remaining quite powerful in pvp or pve

releasing these sooner rather then later allows them to shine in a meta that they fight well in before they fall off later, this perceived strength of ninjas allows oasis to sell ninjas that a player already owns to them again for maximum profits whilst still providing customer satisfaction

Suggestions :

i suggest a staggered release of 4 skill breaked ninjas a month following a pattern of viability for when the ninjas will be strong and will be viable for selling to those who were not prepared, i suggest this order

month 1 - these ninjas are decent upgrades but not broken- guy, Suigetsu, Kurenai, Tobi

month 2 -these ninjas arent as useful but its filler during lightning treasure release- kabuto, sasori, lee, kissame

month 3 -post land of lightning treasure release- itachi, gaara, konan, yamato, kakuzu, hidan

month 4 - less useful- deidara, ino, tenten, choji, neji, shikamaru

month 5 -build up 4.0 and swordsman treasure- choza, asuma

month 6 - post seven swordsman release- introduction of skill break fluids- sanin war tsunade, sanin war jiraiya, sanin war orochimaru, sage naruto, add fluids to gaara and sasuke

i feel that this is the most fair release order for the health of the game and sellability of ninjas, thanks for your time~

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