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[ Updates ] Event Feedbacks - 14th September


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events:treasure of the sage/ time limit shop.

Opinion: I was hoping to recharge and get sailor sakura and hiruzen from treasure of the sage and maybe a few fragz of cursed hidan,but you guys removed those ninjas.

why you have garbage items in there like common cloth and medium cloth? none needs them! and I was told that cloud ninjas will be in a treasure later on.

why you guys have garbage items in treasure of the sage?and ninjas that we can get with seals for cash?

you guys are supposed encourage people to spend by offering ninjas and items they find valuable ,but you guys always discourage people from spending with putting garbage for sale.

you guys always focus on whales and they're less than half a percent of community. 70% are free to play and 29.999 are low to moderate spenders.

whales spend no matter what's the others that you guys need to encourage to spend by offering what they find value in instead of garbage.

bring back sailor sakura,hiruzen and cursed hidan back to sage and time limit, remove dango,ninja tool pack, orochimaru,shikamaru,common ,advance,medium cloths with ninjas and items with value,like sailor sakura,cursed hidan,hokage tsunade,sage naruto,hiruzen,hashiram,,etc and fire whoever is in charge of your sales and hire someone with a functioning brain.

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  • FreyjaOtsutsuki On 2017-09-17 09:25:21
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    Events: Konoha Great Trees

    Opinion: It seems like the team didn't realize how expensive this event is, like for example we just need the Summer Cloth it could probably cost us thousands and thousands of coupons/ingots to get enough fortune coins to get all the fragments for it. The rewards per blessing is worth 20 coupons but that's not our top priority right now and how is it that this specific cloth is only unique to this event? Also after leveling up your tree the points needed to level it up again grows exponentially, lets pretend I managed to max my tree out, at this time you should be able to redeem items at huge discounts after spending a lot of coupons/ingots.

    Suggestions: Cut down the cost per blessing to at least 12-15 coupons and increase the number of fortune coins we get per blessing as we may not get them every time. Also decrease the number of points needed to level up your tree as they are easily gets expensive or at least give better discounts at higher level tree especially at maxed tree. Last but not the least, Summer Break cloth should not just be unique to this event, it should be put to another events just like the rest of the cloths. Best place to put them would be Konoha Gift Shop, Lucky Dice or perhaps Missions General Mobilization Events.

With the way the exchange rate at the tree shop is even reducing the cost to 12-15 still won't work.these are the actual prices in the shop: mood scroll 60 coupons,sailor sakura 160 coupons per fragz,hanzo 260 coupons per fragz,Ay 580 coupons per fragz, refine pack 200 coupons for 2 advance or 3 medium refines.

this is what it should have been, just so for the exchange to be the actual value with no discounts.mood scroll 1 coin (10 coupons),sailor sakura 4( 40 coupons)coins,hanzo 6-7(60-70 coupons per fragz) coins, refine pack 6-7 coins(60-70 coupons ) Ay 16 coins per fragz(160 coupon)

as you can see every thing in the tree is 4 times its actual value.Even if you spend 40k-50k ingots to get the tree to lvl 7 still everything would cost you double their actual price,not to mention to 40-50k ingot wasted to get there.

therefore making the tree event the worse possible event to spend coupons/ingot on.But on the other hand, it is an ok event if you play in a merged server with decent population since you'd be getting some free stuff as long as you don't spend.

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