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Events: Strong Approaching Expert Mode

Opinion: If really exists a chance that Expert Mode drops Advanced Threads is way way way too low to be acceptable.

Reasoning : We all know that rank 6 to 7 battle armor costs in average 750/800 advanced threads, rank 7 to 8 twice that quantity and rank 8 to 9 five times that quantity, we are talking about 6000 advanced threads and there are entire groups with tens of people in them that in 7/8 weeks of tries still have to get 1 successful attempt in getting one single thread from it. The chance is so low that induced almost everyone in believing that there's no chance at all to drop them and that Advanced Threads weren't added at all in the pull of strong approaching expert mode. We aren't talking about an ultra rare ninjas that costs tens of thousands of coupons, but about something that costs less than twice a medium thread in the shop and whose usefulness since the introduction of charm packs, refinement breakthrough pills, ninja bond and summon cultivation ceased to be a good way to spend money to increase power efficiently. Right now everybody thinks that SA expert mode is nothing but a joke just because it (almost) never drops Advanced Threads.

Suggestions : Due to how many of them are needed in our lifetime to reach rank 9, due to the fact there are tons of other ways to induce people in spending for power and due to the relatively low coupons value of them (less than twice the value of a medium thread in the shop) you should increase the chance to drop them to at least 15% per try in expert mode, so that every week somebody that goes there drops at least 10/15 of them. Even by doing so will still take 5-6-7 years to reach rank 9 for free to play people.

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