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[ Updates ] Event Feedbacks - 14th September


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Server : 57

Region : UK

Current BP : 83K

Events : Treasure of the Sage

Opinion : The ninjas which we can buy in the event aren't very intresting

Reasoning : I never saw players looking forward to Treasure of the Sage event for a reason other then picking up some Sailor Sakura fragments or Iruka (in earlier stages of game) also the newest ninja added are not really an option for F2P or people who dont wanna spend much.

Suggestions : I think it'd be good to put in Sailor Sakura frags back in, they always sold well i think, Also adding some other ninjas that are lower price (Below 100 CP/Ingots per frag) as it could appeal to players who are willing to spend a bit. My suggestions would be: Hanzo, Mifune, Killer Bee, GNW Tenten, maybe also the new Omoi and Samui. Another group of ninjas you could include can be some of the ninjas which fragments we can get from Arena Season rewards, as someone might need just few fragments to activate/upgrade. I know overall this is a lot of ninjas but ofc you can rotate them.

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