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Earth main.


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any good suggestion for earth main team?

here are my ninjas

3 star hinata,3 star kimimaro,3 star guy.3 star kakashi,3 star asuma.3 star naruto,3 star sasuke,3 star suigetsu,3 star chiyo,3 star kankuro,3 star zabuza,3 star lee,3 star baki.

2 star choji,2 star kiba,2 star shino,2 star shikamaru,2 star temari,2 star gnw sakura,2 star anko,2 star normal sakura,2 star haku,1 star ino lol, 2 star neji,2 star gnw neji,2 star kabuto(will be 3 star tommorow)2 star kidomaru,2 star tayuya,2 star ukon sakon,.thats it.

i am getting kurenai tommorrow

please suggest me a good team with these ninjas,and with a solid or good combo.thanks.

if you dont know any for earth main,try to tell me a good water main.i am lvl 65 btw.

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