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  • Here are several ways you can get seal scrolls and fragments: There might be more if I missed any

    1. GNW packs - attend wars and hope your guild leader gifts you a pack. There are 3 different packs with different amount of seal scrolls.

    2. Black market - they appear as fragments

    3. Weekly missions - they appear as fragments

    4. Weekly log on the mini client - they appear as fragments

    5. Monthly Sign-ins (you can get max 2 depending on how much you sign in)

    6. Weekly events such as Matsuri (fragments and/or 1 seal scrolls depending on how many matches you finish), sage battlefield (top 3 in your field), rescue the jin (fragments in packs),

    7. Weekend missions - Puzzles (fragments), TI scrolls (can't remember which one), Lucky Throw (you have to land on 12?)

    8. Sealed ninjas/treasure (1 scroll for each ninja you kill but it is max 2 per day you can get rewards and they are random)

    9. Survival trial and trial breakthrough - a higher chance of appear in trial breakthrough and 8-10/12 of survival trial

    10. Ninja quiz - getting 10/10 allows you get a chance of getting 1 seal scroll

    11. Chase missions - the ones I'm aware that give out 1 seal scroll are the vanilla naruto and sasuke mission

    12. Space-time - 1 fragment for 5000 betting coins, the rewards for participating in space-time finals

    13. Ranked Arena - seal scrolls one time via reaching ANBU and Kage once, fragments for what rank you get per month (amount differ based on what rank you have)

    14. Other Events that appear once monthly via Hot Topics - lucky board (fragments on board), missions generalization (fragments from boxes), wheel of fortune, sakura festival (fragment), etc.

for TI weekend missions,you get seal scroll from scroll of truth(forgot how its called now lol).

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