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[ Help ] Mod censoring issue


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Frankly, there's a lot of posts inciting drama by bringing up false issues and/or heavily opinionated statements that are outright incorrect.

Additionally, with posts that are just negative in nature.

Forums are a way to communicate with people, do it properly and educated. Not as a troll with idiotic toxic banter.

There's plenty of criticism posts that are correctly done. Are they deleted or muted? No.

Take examples and quit being unconstructive to the issue at hand.

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  • Emperor Ziel On 2017-09-09 05:46:23
  • I don't know what is going on here but there has been a lot of censorship from what I've seen however I don't recall negative, unconstructive posts being against the rules even if they do suk.

    I also know that legitimate criticisms can't be talked about ,like about those who can't be named, or we just get banned so I reject your statement. @ Mod

Negative opinions that are constructive have always been welcomed.

That's what criticism is by nature and I would defend their opinion and rights to form it on this forum.

As for your example, that incites drama and that's whats against the inherent rule.

Talking about an individual that has been talked about to death on these forums and bringing back arguments that we, mods have replied too is fruitless because let's face it. It was a bad look on both fronts. So what's to gain talking about it? What agenda are you trying to push by bringing it up?

If it's not to incite drama, I'll be surprised.

You may reject my claim as much as you wish. But rules will remain as that.

Users such as Luka who writes criticism with a well written and mannered form will remain welcome in my eyes.

Additionally, I'm here replying to this thread because I believe people need to grow out of this toxicity state and tackle issues without attacking a certain group.

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