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in the early days of a new server ( my server today will be 2 days old) i should focus in the first week on leveling up only? and leave for example the equipments to be upgraded later on or that is a bad choice? and even leave the elite instances later too?

like for example reach lv 40 as fast as i can than start doing elite/upgrade equipment with your stamina?

i want to try and be in the top 3 and right now im 3rd with a little bit more power than the 4th but its only day1 and wish to stay in top 3. will leveling up alot in the first week be more beneficial th*ing stamina on something else? thankyou

maybe if someone has more tips on the first days/weeks that would be awsome because i think there isn't any post on the forum on how to take advantage for the first days but saw a video of itsBTrue and got a bit of information. but the more information you might give me could help me alot.

i got jonin medal and with coupons bought lv2 magatamas on each character and will save coupons for a good event right? and seal scrolls for kage or jinchuriki.

im still a bit new so anything could help me and if there is already a post like this or a video you know about that would be awesome.

thank you all and love this game :)

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  • Dosu On 2017-09-12 12:14:30
  • Level and power are only loosely connected. If you level up, the power increase is marginal and sometimes minimal. I'd say focus on power most - things like equips, magatama, refines, charms, tactics et cetera.

so even at the start i should first get my equipments from green first level to the next upgrade and after getting all of the characters their equipment upgrade proceed on doing main quests to level up?

today is the second day and im lv33 but there are some lv35 already.

im asking this so i dont fall back and if i level up i can do more things and new things could unlock.

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  • Cornholio On 2017-09-12 23:02:33
  • Early you must not worry for ranking,just get lvl 60 and stop doing main quests,lvl up only from daily exp.It will be something like 3-5 days to lvl up that way.Save coupons and spend only,repeat ONLY on lucky board.Get as high as possible on ninja exam,it will help you great for magatamas.Dont skip nine tails invasion,even if not perform well there.Save seal scrolls,summon scrolls,cave keys,charms,refine runes,only use them on rebate.Always do matsuri,sage battlefield.Get Hinata and Kabuto as fast possible to 5 stars,that way you can get Iruka for free.Dont skip Great Ninja War,and group summon

so its ok to fall back in power without refines and charms till i get lv60? why lv60 by the way?

so i shouldnt use the stamina to upgrade equipments or do the elites if main quests are opened?

if i dont do refines i will lose in fights. or is better to do them when there are events to get rewards? can you give me examples of what rewards you get from your experience if you remember?

are people still saving stamina potions for monday?

i was playing to use gnw sakura instead of kabuto, i think she is better. or not?

and i was going to change hinata with kimamaro later. i have water main.

iruka is a good ninja i agree with you there.

so your saying to spend my points in the shop on hinata and kabuto? i think kimimaro and gnw sakura are better.

can you give me more tips please? what you wrote is really interesting since im new.

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  • Cornholio On 2017-09-13 01:55:05
  • Hinata and Kabuto for 2 reasons-they are usefull,and its easy to get them 5 stars.As falling back in terms of power,rebates are every month,so little power you miss not using refines,charms,keys right away,will pay off when rebate comes.Recomend to stop doing main quest at lvl 60,or even before 60,so you will lvl at slow pace,getting time to build power,as at same time not fall way back behind other players in term of lvl.I stop at 65 lvl,now im 84 lvl with 55k power,when most of players at my server are 87 lvl,and 45k power .

how do you suggest to get hinata to 5 stars fast? do ranking and sweeping her elite?

gnw sakura can become 5 stars fast too, since you can get frags from ranked and arena. i will get kabuto aswell since he is good for SA.

ok will save things for rebate than and about stamina potions? use them on mondays or when there is a good event that needs to use lots of stamina?

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  • Zathroth On 2017-09-13 05:07:21
  • Using stamina potions on weekends (double items from sweeping) instead of mondays (double exp -> 1500exp/sweep more) will benefit you in a long run. Right now its 93lvl here and im always short of most purple/yellow/red awakening mats. There's no point holding back leveling in first 2 months of your server, because sage battlefiels is limited to only your server. Holding back is a strategy for people 70+ (at 70 you unlock last treasure for now) once cross server activities are up, this way you still can get seal scroll and 5-15adv refines each sage.

so in the beginning i should use the stamina potions on weekends(which day gives you double drop rate?) or monday? to reach high level? since i dont want to fall back.

is this new that we get double what we sweep during weekend? i dont remember it that way in 2016 and on saturday or sunday this happenes?

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  • Cornholio On 2017-09-13 15:12:05
  • I save stamina for events,there is one that give points when sweep instances,i use potions for that.Other good use is when sweeps drop double items,dont remember which day was it

right now its a new server so we didn't get all the events but i will save my stamina potions for an event than and will save the stamina for the weekend to get the most from sweeps.

so that means we get double ninja frags too or just double equipment frags?

and since im new i should focus on power that's what most people said. that means i shouldn't use stamina to get the fragments of sasuke to make him 3 stars and hinata to make her increase in stars faster? but use stamina to upgrade equipments?

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  • Cornholio On 2017-09-13 17:13:55
  • Only avakening materials and equipment upgrades are double,ninja fragments not.Sasuke is realy good at 3 stars,and later on you c*e skill books(buy with fragments),when he is 4 stars.Always focus on power,there is some ninjas that help greatly to progress tho,but you must have patience and some luck to get them(Naruto sage mode and Mei Terumi,they are realy help in high lvl ninja exams).For priority i say focus on equipment refine,battle armor and summon cultivation,they give good amount of initiative,second is equipment streghtening,upgrade,group skills,summon runes.

ok cornholio i will do like you said.

thank you so much for the help :)

and if you have some other tips i am all ears to hear them :)

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