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Unbeatable earth main


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That's.. annoying.

Seeing as how you look to be in GNW, use control to stop Itachi/immo Gakido.

Or if not, spam all your skills on the other two teams, leaving this guy's team alone. It can't withstand 3x the damage, right? ^^''

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  • trashyboi On 2017-09-07 19:40:00
  • Sorry That was from a ranked battle, I'm not looking to just avoid him I want to know what will beat him.

Hmm, why not try water?

Water, yagura, fu, roshi.

A team that is a bit weak in actual fights, but in ranked battle should be pretty good?

Use poison tai, combined with water's 10 combo, yagura's chase and roshi's chase should be fine.

Note: I did test this out with some of my friends who are of similar power, strength wise if they aren't lightning main it should make for a decent fighting team. Just use water for heals.

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