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[ Strong Approaching ] Water main Minato SA


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thanks to this dude check his Post!!!!! :D I recommend to read and watch his guide first.

Well kind of same thing actually IMAGE - use poison if you cant kill Enma without triggering combo.

make katsuyus as soo as u can, then try to kill everything with mysteries.

For second wave u need Sakura mysterie up so have it in mind. Sakura needs to be interrupted you can force by using Mysterie. Actually if you mood/ mag ninjas way that sakura will be with lowest hp then all good.

i dont use these ninjas so only main is hp 25%. Sure thing kill Kakashi in 2 round with Sai or ur ded. Dont worry about ur Main - unless u have LESS than 30% hp all ok.

3d wave after Minato use katsuyus and heal after blind - Point here is to almost kill second kage to finish him off with Kimi mysterie. Target 3d kage with Kimi after that use Sai finisher. Or if you are not able to finish off Enma without triggering combo use POISON TAI and Kimi mysterie on 2nd kage - then check how much hp left and use Sai when needed to finish off. U need to pay attention :P

4th wave pretty easy IF you wont get much bad luck i guess (i mean if Minato wont be so rude and wont direct all attacks towards 1 ninja in first 2 rounds :P). After Minato go with Kimi into Naruto (make sure you preordered mysteries before Minato attack cuz -chakra u know :D) then just finish off on second round with Sai and u are done. And of course - if ANY ninja dies BEFORE dies Sage Naruto in wave 4 - you can reset :D

(can record video if enough people will be interested)


since i gained 1 level i couldnt make it with poison anymore, same ninjas but a bit different story.

Second variation is all same but now i placed Sakura instead of main and main went on 4th position where Sakura was.

maybe its easyer maybe not, would say this one is is more combo dependent - if your Sakura refuses to combo then gg go re.

1st wave: kind of same try to clear table with mysteries, while having katsuyu in front of Sakura for 2nd wave and having Kimimaro mysterie avaible too.

We always want Kimimaro to NOT combo while Sakura should ALWAYS combo then all looks awesome.

If your Kimi started kombo this will be probbly long cycle - one thing make sure to have all setup for wave2. ( you can even use Katsuyus Mysterie 2nd time just make sure to have setup ready)

katsuyu (x) - Sai - Katsuyu (x/Lion)

Lion - Kimimaro - Lion

Main - Sakura - Katsuyu.

2nd wave: pre order Kimi mysterie from wave 1 or just make sure your mysterie goes first on wave start - we combo Kakashi and getting Mysterie from Masked Man.

other is obvious.

Next you use Heal after 2 Kakashi attacks. IF you was late and couldnt use Kimi mysterie in time you still can play. Use heal after 2 Kakashi attacks - Next round use 2 Mysteries to kill Kakashi.

setup for 3d wave : Sakura or Sai has to have more than 50% hp so u wont get reckt by Minato.

3d wave:

Katsuyus after Minato, then reset time: if Kimi makes combo - reset, if Sakura doesnt combo - reset. Point of first round to leave Tobi at low hp so you can finish him off with Kimi mysterie AoE. Second round use Kimi on Sarutobi, after u see animation use Sai, this should finish off old man.

4th wave is same, just dont loose any ninja.

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lol self promoting wind main video -_- some 1 delete this nonsence.

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