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[ Suggestions ] SS Convoy adjustment


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While there is some risk for the plunderer, the fight mechanics lean in their favor and makes those doing the convoy completely dependent on support (that's if there is even a group mate with high enough BP and remaining support attempts on at the time an individual is doing convoy to make a difference). IE I started a second character on one of the new servers. I take an SS convoy, apply for support and wait for it to be accepted, set off with support, get attacked. My support and the plunderer are only separated by a couple hundred BP. Nine rounds later the plunderer gets through support having lost 1 ninja while the other 3 are at 1/3 hp or less. Now my main squad enters, facing an enemy with 2x my bp, and not only does the fallen ninja come back, but everyone is at full hp. This makes no sense RP wise, did my squad just stand by and let them perform medical jutsu in-between bouts? It should play out like a mini survival run, where the plunderer will face the convoy team and possible support with any damage and lost ninja carrying over from one fight to the next. Had that been the case, even my team at a huge BP disadvantage would have had a fighting chance to beat the plunderer. As it stands now, if your support fails, you might as well just concede by retreating. Actual new players running into similar situations are most likely going to rage at a seemingly "dumb" mechanic and be discouraged.

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