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im going to upgrade my PC soon,i need advice what to prioritize here are specs(i know,very sh!itty,huh?):

OS:windows 7 ultimate 32 bit


CPU:intel(R) 3.00 Ghz dual core.

GPU:intel(R) 82945G express chipset family 256MB.

i didnt used my PC for was just enough for surfing web etc. game is using old mini client.

thanks for help.)

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  • S36-Sui On 2017-09-04 17:07:43
  • RAM: R.I.P (at least 4 gb RAM, can be ddr3/4)

    Processor: R.I.P (at least i3 or AMD A4 series)

    GPU: R.I.P (at least ??? if you just play this game i dont really know)

    i recommend you to change your ram first (even smart phone can beat your ram)

whats better get 8gb RAM,after ill get money better GPU and CPU?i think 4gb ram with better processor and GPU would be good for now.

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  • PraiseLuka On 2017-09-05 10:19:19
  • For this game? All you really need is more RAM. it leaks badly. If this is the only game you play thou, 4GB would suffice assuming your PC is clean.

    Whether you need to swap processor depends on what other task goes on in your system. Now days, you probably want to get a quad thread (quad core or dual core with hyperthreading for 4 threads). But more thread is only needed if other tasks on your PC is tying up the existing threads and the game don't get its proper share.

    No, SSD would not benefit you as far as playing this game goes, at least not once you have gotten more RAM. But a SSD large enough for your OS and page file will greatly improve the system operation in general. Mind you, with an RAM expansion, you won't need page file as much. Right now, you are probably paging pretty heavily. While a large SSD is preferable, if you are really on a budget a 50-80G one will do, just to put your OS on there.

    What needs to be known is what you intend to use your PC for. Because you said you didn't use it for games. Do you plan on that to change? Because if you want to play any games beyond browser game, a graphics card would help greatly.

    And also, what kind of budget do you have? Do you plan on re-using any of your old parts? Power supply and case can often be reused. It would be good if you know your exact CPU model and/or socket, so we can know whether your motherboard can be re-used. Thou it might very well be too outdated.

im only playing this game,nothing more.this is copied from DxDiag so im not making any mistakes.

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz (2 CPUs), ~3.0GHz

i think CPU socket type is:socket 775.and motherboard should be:ASUS P5GZ-MX.

and currently i can afford maximum of 100$...but i can save up for later.

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  • PraiseLuka On 2017-09-06 04:21:58
  • With that budget, the easiest thing you can do is more memory. You can easily get 4GB of DDR2, which is the memory your board supports, for 20-30 bucks.

    The problem with that solution, of course, is that DDR2 is quite outdated and spending money on outdated stuff is kinda bad. So what I would suggest is get a DDR3 standard motherboard and DDR3 Memories. Unfortunately, 775 socket MB of DDR3 standard tend to go around 80-100 at minimal (I'm guessing you aren't shopping for 300+ ones XD). And with your budget, that leaves little for getting the memory themselves. So in theory, this would require a bit more saving, at least 110-120.

    What you could do in the mean time is that you can grab a reasonable SSD, say 120GB, instead of memory. Like I said earlier, when you are low on memory, you rely on page files, and page file on SSD would be significantly faster. This would allow you to put off getting memory until you save enough for memory+MB. And SSD is rarely ever "outdated" in terms of compatibility. Your MB does have SATA 3.0Gb/s, while that might not max out the speed of some better SSDs, it still provide a reasonable speed. Getting a 850 EVO, for example, would be good for future proofing your MB upgrade, which is hopefully one with 6.0Gb/s standard. (On a side note, apparently you can get 250GB 850EVO for less than the 120GB on newegg atm.... I dunno why. But at the current point in time, it is true that 120GB will cost way more than half of the 250GB ones for any brand, usually ~70-80% of the cost. so 250GB is way more cost effective.). But doing this would use up nearly all your budget, which means significant delay on your other upgrades.

    And there we reach the next "step" of the problem. While there are some upgrade option for 775 socket CPUs, they aren't amazing(the quad cores are actually slower, 2.4-2.9 GHz. Mind you that would be a performance upgrade since utilization on just 4 cores are pretty good, so the formula of core x speed kinda works. But they would be slower). So if you also plan to upgrade the CPU in the future, buying a "new" 775 MB might be bad. Ideally, you should seek to buy a MB+CPU combo, but that's almost a whole new system at this point and would be looking at a tab of 300 or so. So unfortunately, getting a CPU+MB+Memory combo might be out of reach for you in the short term. But if you got the patience and is willing to live with the SSD boosted page file, that's something you can keep in mind. Still, the 775 CPUs will more than suffice if you only intend to play browser games. So this would not be a problem unless you intend to play full sized games. So unlike the DDR2 problem, this isn't a necessity unless your intended use changes.

    As a side note, given all those are more or less "outdated" hardware. You can probably get them used. Look up ebay, craiglist whatever. You might get the parts for cheap. Buying new "old" stuff is probably not the best use of money. Just make sure you either get them from reliable source or have it tested (in case of craglist pickup)

    Also, you might find more help in more specialized forum like Tom's Hardware or Linus Tech Tips. The scrapyard war series on LTT would help in how to hunt for cheap parts. Mind you, you probably don't need a discreet graphics card, which is usually half of their budget since that's the most important part for full feature games. But the rest of the part picks and balancing could be important insight. And you c*ways just plop a graphics card in when you need it later, it's one of the most modular component in a PC.

thanks for help)i really appreciate it.

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