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[ Help ] Refining and Charms


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On all of my ninja I have at least level 4 refines and level 3 charms.

On my main I have level 5 refines and a few near level 4 charms

The question is, what do i refine now? Do i get my mains stuff to level 6 or do i balance everyone else at 5.

Similarly with charms, do I get my main to fully 4/5 or do i get everyone to 4

P.S Should I spend on Lucky Board tomorrow, I have 4k coupons saved up? Is it still the "best F2P event"

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Or you bring directly an item to level 8 or you bring some items to level 6, what you absolutely want to avoid are level 5 and 7.

About charms unless you use mb or af blitz teams you want to go for the even levels, so all rank4, then al rank 5 and so on. For the blitz teams instead you want to power up as much as possible mb for the mb version or tenten gnw for nin/atk and mabui for hp/def/res for the af version.

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why should i avoid 5 and 7?

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No idea why you should avoid lvl 5 refine but you should avoid 7.

Basically in the current game its tedious to colect medium refines but it is possible. Through group shop or monthly missions you can get a good amount, also weekly events usually has a way to clai medium refines.

However Advanced refines are very very hard to get. Besides sage world battlefields there is no way you can consistently get advanced refines.

When you refine through rebate and go from lvl 6 to 7, you get 45 (or something like that) wish points which is equivalent to 45 free advanced refines to use during the rebate. Thus it is recommended to go all the way to lvl 8 which usually requires around 100-130 more advanced refines. The increase in stats form a lvl 7 refined item to a lvl 8 is actually quite big so its completely worth it. Refining to lvl 9 requires up to 500 advanced refines so its not very realistic, hence most players refine up to lvl 8 each time.

As for what to refine, now that you are mostly around lvl 4-5 in all your ninjas equipment you should focus on refining and purifying the equipment of your move 1 ninja. Max him out, specially initiative.

Then do the same for all 5 pieces of equipment of your move 2 ninja. Prioritize the equipment that has purple initiative or a golden stat via purification, refine it to lvl 8 or 6 each time and give it to your move 1 or 2 ninja.

Once you have fully refined your move 1 and 2 ninjas go to move 3, although it will have less influence on the battles since most teams control on move 1 or 2. The advantage will come from the barrier.

As far as charms is concerned, maximize the charm level more or less steadily. However once again, when you have mostly lvl 3-4 charms everywhere, focus on the charm for initiative for the move 1 and 2 ninja. Also try to get 1 piece of equipment to lvl 6 if you can each time since that is equivalent to an extra rainbow magatama for said ninja.

This will take you a lot of time so dont ru*.

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ok, thank you very much and yes, getting it to 8 makes sense since it saves alot of advance refines, thank you :)

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