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[ Bugs ] Sage bug/hax?


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An enemy ninja ignored the barrier and walked up next to our field in sage before it started....

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I just faced another bug in the same sage....

I fought TWO water main with DIFFERENT team back to back, beat both...

At end of sage, my total win count is 1 (yes, I lost all my other fights)

It feels like... a convoy fight w/ support... Does convoy support work in sage or something?

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  • Tobei On 2017-08-30 13:09:53
  • That is extremely weird.

    I'll make sure to report it. As well as the battle bug which it only counted as one win.

    If it happens again, please do provide screenshots to better help the case in the future. Regardless, it's being reported.

    Thank you

I would, but it would be rather impossible.

There is no way to know it is happening until the start of the second fight. This means I cannot capture anything about the first fight nor how many wins I have from before.

This would mean that the most I could capture is the fact that I fought the second guy and the subsequent win or loss I score. Which, for all intend and purposes, would look like a regular single fight.

So other than screen capturing every single fight before, during and after, I cannot come up with a set of screen capture to prove anything. As it were, I'm not sure if screen capture would suffice even if I did that, so it might require me record every sage as a video in anticipation of it.

And considering its rarity, that's entirely too much work for a mere chance of catching a repeat. So as it stands, you'd have to take my word (and that of Petrichor) as they are.


I'm in S12, so the server cluster is S2-S12 LA

I'm in bracket one as a Lv 95

In my particular incident, the other player was level 93 water mains (both part), thou they had different teams, so I know for a fact they are not the same person. I'm not 100% sure about this part, as I wasn't paying that much attention at the time, but I think first one was using mabui mei gnw tenten while the second was using sage naruto, mei and jigokudo. I'm sure on the jigokudo at the least.

I was in the Mountain camp. So they couldn't be in that camp.

I beat them, so they are not super ptw lv 93s, but just regular lv 93s.I think they are 60-75k. I had a passing glance at their power, it didn't register as too high or too low.

Hopefully that will help you narrow down on who they might have been. That's all that I can remember.

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