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Buying Kimono


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Is purchasing kimono a good investment? or should i save my 3.3k coupons for lucky board? in at 29k power atm

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Ummm I've been asking the same question, but according to some people, it's better to hold on.

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Not when you are 29k power.

It's about how much power you can get out of "whatever" versus buying kimono. As it stand, clothing is roughly 2-3 coupon per power. At 29k, you probably have better options as diminishing return on most things haven't quite caught up to you.

That said, you should spend on lucky board, but not for the clothing, go for refine and charm.

Clothing becomes a good option, in terms of coupon per power starting at around 60k. This depends on a number of things but that's kind of the minimal where it might be able to become better than other stuff. And if you are over 80k, then it's almost guaranteed to be a good investment.

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Ok, thank you for the feedback :)

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I think what is being asked here is armor good for anything and in short no there are other better ways to power up that are better.

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