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what level should i get each runes too?

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8 gate's soft cap is at lv 9 - meaning that it starts to cost massive exps to lv them up past this point, so I say get them to lv 9 first. After all of your runes are at that lv, then start lv-ing them up one by one, from lower to higher rank.

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my opinion about leveling runes, do invest on your high class runes first, then balance the others. like mine, I focused on leveling my red fire first to lv8 (planning to max it to 10), and settle my yellow corrosions and other to lv8 then balance the purple runes to lv5..

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Purple soft cap is level 9, its not worth leveling to 10.

Orange, i have gone up to level 8 so far.

Red, i have gone up to level 6 so far.

Mainly, think about how efficient it is to spend the coins leveling up each rune.

If you have a red and purple level 5. the cost of leveling red will be the same as leveling purple to 8 or 9.

So you need to weigh how much additional stats u are getting from both and which is better value.

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Sadly, the guide with the charts is now useless because attachment(pictures) died with the forum migration.

However, when it was up, I did do a stat gain per exp required calculation per level. And as it turns out, lower color have a slight better return at the same level. Purple leads gold by about half level to a full level, which means they should be kept at same level, with purple leveling first. Orange leads red about a full level, which means red should be a level lower than purple.
This does indeed all stop at lv 9, where you will stop leveling the runes until everything is 9 (purple first, then gold, then red). After that, you'd want to make purple 11, then gold, then red.

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