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I think that we deserve to be informed when you randomly decide to change stuff on your own. After all, we; players are the one keeping you afloat despite all your faults till you opened this game.

ANd yet, you keep on hiding stuff, so now, tell me why you didn't inform us about upping Strong approach? I used to be able to do Hard SA in auto with main team, Hard, not extreme, but now i can't even do it cauz i get * on. ANd i've the same team as ever so that means that you guys changed smthg without informing us and i don't find that normal. The lack of confidence in your management is there, it' snot an illusion despite what you seem to think and yet you keep on doing wrong stuff over and over, get a grip.

Jib Edit: I have edited your post to remove the swearing. Please keep the forum clean!

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First of all, they did tell us that Strong Approach would be changing once we got the 3.0 update. In terms of what kind of Strong Approach, it changes to a different one on a monday but it doesn't mean every monday since some stay longer for more than 1 week.

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Hi! Just as Danzo has said, it has been talked about that the Strong Approach will be changing. Also, I believe having it the same all the time gets boring. Strong Approach has in no way gotten harder, it just takes a different build if ever a situation arises that your previous build did not work. I assure you that there are multiple builds out there that would allow you to complete it easily!


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