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[ Suggestions ] exchanging unused items.


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why can't we redeem super kage scroll+ in the space time redeem shop anymore?

it doesnt make sense at all to be able to redeem other scrolls up to that stage ,but not after that specially since we were able to do so before the 3.0.

plus when are we gonna see an exchange for common,medium,advance clothes?

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well might as well let us exchange super sage scroll & scroll of naraka XD

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i allready asked its a "implemented feature" but agree makes no sense to take things away and get worse but thats how 3.0 has been so far just a big let down loads of bugs and new ways to screw us out of a few little free things seems they are hurting for cash tho screwing us isnt going to help ppl spend more if anything ppl will leave then they will need even more money so they will screw us more until no one plays anymore or they could listen to the base tho we shouldnt even have to say its a proble since they suposedly play the the game you think they would notice these things and be like hey thats not cool but what do i know

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