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Is it worth buying the support for 30 coupons?

When i don't buy it i come around 4th-5th because the top 3 players I assume buy it

Am i'm pretty sure i could come 1st if i did

But is it worth it?

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If u r sure that u can get the 1st,u c*ways do it as more dmg gets you more exp & coins.

1st place get 60 coupons. So minus away the 30 coupons you will still get 30.

If you r thinking of the ROI (return of investment) it is worth it.

But if we think it in another angle, spending 30 coupons with the risk of having to gain 5 more coupons/exp/coins .

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I could bore you with long, complicated case *ysis but....

How far exactly are you away form 1st place in term of % damage? If it's greater than 30%, then you will lose on coupons and only gain some coin/exp. If it's around 20%, you will about break even on coupon and gain some coin/exp. If it's less than 20%, then you will likely gain both coupon and coin/exp.

Also, depending on how long fox last in your server, you can consider using revive instead of buff. Generally speaking, revive is better if the fox lasts less than 17 min from start (i.e. end before 8:27).

Also, remember the buff is not all or nothing. If they are only, for example, 10% over you. 2 layers of buff for 20 coupon will do fine, and you will make a profit on coupons. (or alternatively, you could use revives, which will cost you 15-20 coupons for about the same boost in overall damage)

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not worth at all. Risk is too high if you get only top2, As F2P people even refuse ressurecting, but ressurect is kind of cheap - around 15coupons should be enough to get good place at least top10 - if you cant get top10 then well no spending :P

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Before when my server was still very active with 20+ people doing 9 tails, I always buy the Kage buffs (30 coupons) and always end up 1st. Now that my server is 3/4 dead, I don't buy the Kage support anymore coz I always get 1st place if the spender in our server is not participating and 2nd if he is around.

Question: If I buy 3 Kage support, will it become 40% damage boost since Masked Man Obito gives 1 Kage Buff Scroll (10% damage boost) or 30% damage boost is the max?

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Don't just use 10 only coz u can get kage support after u beat the masked man so total 20% is enough

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Newer spend coupons on fox,im top 3 every time,just not worth for me to buy support or revive

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