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Can we please please PLEASE have a healer option? it really *s having to go through all of the different options to compare which healer would be best. Going back and forth and back again really *s.

Also, why isn't interupt an option in the create status tab? Like I'm genuinely confused as to how this isn't already an option?

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You're referring to like sorting through your character list? if that's the case, then why don't they just add tags for "Tank" characters, "Damage" characters, "Barriers" etc? What about characters who fit into multiple niches, or none? They'd have to implement more than just a healer tab to complete the system.

Though I do agree with you on the Interrupt thing.

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Is kurenai a healer?

What about gakido?

What about kisame and orochimaru who have self health recovery?

What if GNW sakura didn't heal herself but only have the slugs which does? I mean she is clearly a "healer" but what if a ninja who doesn't directly heal come out?

Categorization needs to be exact, "healer" is a bit vague.

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As stated above here, the main issue appears to be that the term "healer" is just too vague... or maybe some of the characters are too diverse and can play more roles on a team (?)

If we can figure out a way to create concrete roles for each character, this might work out. But that looks like a difficult task since some of them are quite versatile.

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Interruption used to be on the search list in 1.0 I believe. It was removed from the list in 2.0 as Interruption was no longer considered a status from then on.

As for a convenient way to search for a ninja with healing ability, you could try typing the word 'heal' into the search bar. The results should show a list of ninjas with that word in their skill descriptions.

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I figured it'd just go by description. If they heal, be it themselves or others, they would be under the heals option. If the word shows up under their descriptions then they'd be there. Even if its someone like Guy who heals small amounts with tai damage, or like jinchuuriki who heal themselves.

Thank you slowpoke, I did not know you could do that. It'd still be a nice option though.

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well, Yeah. Kurenai could be in the healer category. and everyone that can regenerate too...if you don't want those, skip over them. but it could help knowing who has those abilities.

They should also add one for people that create shields and barriers...

and maybe also finish the division of characters by village?. they added Konoha, Hidden cloud and hidden mist...and apparently gave up after that.

so many people have the sound village tag and still you have to pick them out from the roster manually.

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^ Agree 100%

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i would like to see this, hopefully they will implement it.

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