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[ Fanart ] ~Tenten ~ 1010 ~


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Well....emmm.....i dont know what to say XD

So...actually i was trying to draw midnight blade but i ended up drew this Tenten.....but im pretty proud of it ...even i kinda changed her personality in my drawing XD. I guess this is the most beautiful drawing that i ever made (though this doesn't pretty enough XD).

Please ignore the double eyelids. i know those eyelids make her eyes look a bit weird didn't they? So..what do u guys think?? Hope ya like it!! :D

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New, fresh, hmmmm...more girly? look on TenTen~ I would say- very interesting and I like!

Tho, I wonder how it happened that drawing Midnighty turned into seductive TenTen :D

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That's quite a nice drawing! Tho, I do wonder like Tiami, how did Midnighty become tenten

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Well that actually happened when i was trying to draw midnight but i didnt really good at drawing male...n the eyes...i tried so many times to make it looks like midnight eyes but i couldnt -_-... It stil not the same as his and its look more like female..then suddenly i thought about tenten cause she's easy to draw...and walla!! He (midnighty) turned into Tenten ..

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