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[ Suggestions ] Red tiers ninja tools additional attributes


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I want to make a suggestion regarding Red Gourd 's additional attributes quality. I listened some players from my server and others from our merged servers and all have the same opinion : Red Gourd 's additional attributes droped in the instance Brothers Farewell 43k power (power requirement) are far too low. The idea would be that red tier ninja tools( As Red Gourd droped in 43k power instance and other 3 tools from red ninja tools packs from Sage Treasure event) to drop a maximum value of additional attributes equal to attributes get from Tool Essences obtained in Ultimate Training function . I want to say by maximum attributes the best values can be obtained from those red tools (especially the Red Gourd, which is droped in Team instances and available for all players who meet the power requirement) like, for example, in Purify system the best value of attribute is 99% (except breakthrough system) which is a maximum. So my suggestion is to raise the values of yellow additional attributes of red tier tools and to get in a FAIR way those equal to a max given by Essence Tools. The point is the Red Gourd should drop between his purple and yellow attributes one of those maximum attributes in a FAIR RANDOM GENERATOR NUMBER as : Life + 100 ; Attack +60 ; Defense +50 ; Ninjutsu +60 ; Ressistance +50 ; Critical +75 ; Injury +75 ; Combo + 75 ; Control +75 ; Attack *ion +100 ; Ninjutsu *ion +100 ; Damage Reduction +100 ; Life recovery +30. And beside those attributes, elemental ressistance attributes should be added with a maximum of 4% each. I am saying that those stats written here are best stats you can obtain from Red Gourd or other red tier ninja tools and these attributes will appear among other purple or yellow stats droped in this moment (remind that a tool can contain up to 6 attributes despite the basic ones).So as example a random Red Gourd could contain something like this : Life +100 , Attack +30 , Attack *ion +45 , Damage Reduction +44 , Combo +28 , Life Recovery +19 .

In the end I want some players give some feedbacks to make this post more conclusive and this company to "Listen to us".

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Nice idea, It would be a good way to give a chance to everybody to get some nice stats and to use the reforge system in a better way.

I have read a lots of discussion about reforge and I have read people saying to store tool essences for the Kage TI. Nobody knows when this TI will come out and I think that it is not a good thing if I have to store a good item for months before to use it because there is a chance to get better ninja tools...

I think a game has to give to everyone the possibility to use good items as soon as you get it, otherwise it doesn't make sense.

In this way you c*e tool essence on your ninja tools and if one day you will really have a new team instance with better ninja tools, you will have a chance to get again good attributes.

I fully support this idea ^_^

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This is not a so bad idea, would be really helpful and nice to have a hope to gain good additional attributes every now and then.

I get more or less one red gourd each week, I am a bit unlucky because I can do 25 TI each week, so if one of these red gourd has a chance to get a good additional attribute, the chance will be really low, it's not a life changing gift to have this hope in my opinion and the game surely will not be unbalanced.

The main problem here is that I find a bit illogic to give to us the reforge function without actually any good reason to use it, beside the tool essences we got from the Ultimate training, and I read that many players still haven't used them because they are waiting for better TI (Kage TI) which should give red tools with better stats like the Red Gourd.

So to sum it up, I think that this is a good idea to better valorize the reforge function and balance the ninja tools system a bit after all the changes we had in past.

I hope that our opinion will be taken into consideration ^_^

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i would rather they give out essence in events or from ti, than to get another form of rng in the game. wouldnt u rather see those essence instead of coins or ramen?

to those people saving all of their essence for the kage ti, we only get a couple new tools with that ti, not all 10 being replaced, so feel free to reforge things like your red gourd(i dont remember which other tools r safe to reforge off the top of my head)

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Thank you for your replies. Feel free to post more feedbacks. Maybe, who knows, this thread will be taken in consideration.

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They won't do it because we are close to the opening of the 40k TI that drops all the red tools and red natures, in whose hard mode the secondary stats are like the old red grourd secondary stats.

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Good to know this

But I think you mean 60k or higher . Because now 43k is already highest.

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Or they can just change the tools back to the way they were before they nerfed them to hell.

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