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  • PraiseLuka On 2017-08-15 05:09:51
  • I would assume that if mods can close thread, they c*so re-open them and/or reply to the thread despite it being closed. That's how most forums work.

    The real problem is that often times, the inquiry goes nowhere and not a word is heard after weeks. And even if we open a new thread about it and ask about the progress, there would be no answer. That's not a mechanics problem of the forum, but a problem of the process.

well another issue would be that the players cannot ask for further information on the topic since thread is closed , or post more screenshots to support his bug report etc .

I for one believe they shouldn`t close threads untill problem is solved or untiil the OP of the thread states he needs no further assistance on the matter and thread can be closed.

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