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[ Suggestions ] Remove the new GNW change!


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Why would you even make this change at all?! GNW had strategy in it, even if you couldn't fill all 6 lands you still needed to think about where your opponent will be. With the old GNW you could do 10,8,7 or 8,5,6 or 7,5,6,3 or 10,5,6 or 10,7,3, you get the point there is many ways to win. But with this change it is just 10,8,7 and it is nothing but a contest of power! There is no strategy in it!

This is a terrible, un-needed change

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Well if China has this change then i guess we have no choice but to follow. Does anyone have any clue if this is true?

Like i posted before in another thread, this change is being made for small or dead servers with population issues.

In my opinion, in these small servers, most groups are farming group coins by cooperating and avoiding fights in GNW. This is because the dominant group usually has all or most of the top 5 / 10 players, therefore the weaker group can't compete. The weaker group is resigned to losing GNW but they can still get their group coins by winning their field. An example of cooperation would be the dominant group takes fields on the top row (10, 8, 7) and the weaker group can take the fields on the bottom row.

This cooperation is definitely something oasis is keen to eliminate. It's definitely taking the fun out of the game but you can't blame the players for "gaming the system" to maximize rewards.

What I don't understand is why isn't the approach to fix the root problem of server population instead? After this change, there's no difference as the dominant group will just take 10 and 8 while weak group takes 7.

All in all, this change is just another needless slap in the players face... sigh...

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All in all this change probably isn't good, but it might actually fix my server. There are only 2 active groups on my server. One of them can barely get 10 members to participate in GNW, but they have the 3 top people on the server. We get around 20+ people per war, but our top players are 5k+ BP under theirs. They have won every single GNW because they have spies in our group so they can snipe our high level people with their higher level people and then just take the other 2 plots that we don't have as many people on. So in that sense, this might work for us. As a whole, doesn't seem that great.

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I'm sorry but nothing is going to be removed from the game. That includes new addition to Great Ninja War.

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