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[ Strong Approaching ] Wind Main Han Extreme


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So I used Sage Naruto, GNW Temari, and GNW Sakura. (I think KK Gaara would make a good substitute for Naruto if you have him. If you have the lvl85 skill then regular Gaara might work too. Unfortunately, without it, it takes too much time and you'll probably lose in the first round. Original poster for this formation (for water main) used sailer Sakura, so she might also work here. If you use SS then clones might be a little less inconvenient.


N x WM

T x S

x x x

I used Sun Move tactics and for talents I used 34312 and the Tiger King summon.

If you decide to experiment with talents I suggest skipping her clones.They aren't needed and are in fact detrimental and will end up getting you killed since they take up space thats needed for Naruto's clone and the slugs. Plus they tend to get the shields which just really isn't helpful.

As for strategy, first two rounds are basically the same due to shields. Use first Temari's mystery then Naruto's. Other two mysteries just use as needed.

First round focus on Akatsuchi. Don't worry about the others.

Second round focus on Mifune. He has to die before he c*e his mystery or its bye bye Sakura. Once he's down focus on Temari. (Just to save some people some stress, Orochimaru will not use his mystery so don't worry about that.)

The last two rounds are also basically the same strategy wise . Which is, essesntially, kill asap lol.

Third round focus on Roshi, then Han. Deidara will probably die before Han. (Wait to use mains mystery til after Roshi goes. He'll probablyget at least one in before he dies. Same with Mei.)

Fourth round focus on Mei. Then just focus on whoever has the most life.

It might not work every round, unfortunately, you probably won't know til the last round.

Thanks to TemariSabaku for posting theirs so I could figure this out.

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