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[ Help ] future skill Breakthrough


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So does anyone know when they are going to release the rest of the breakthrough ninjas? the current ninjas breakthroughs are kinda useless except hashirama and tobirama but they are rare and their skill books even rarer to obtain unless you have 10k plus ingots/coupons the current breakthroughs are ''meh'' at best. I am waiting for itachi kisame kurenai and kabutos breakthroughs.

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It seems like you don't know about the original server (China). Anyways, here is the google doc for the future skill breakthrough:*ent/d/1NugtF12K5S1lPNH1vkE2cp5mjV9kEvJDLdaWFY_V610/edit#

The only way to guess the order of skillbooks being released is to when it happened on the China server or track when the German server gets it.

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I think they are all very good o-o

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