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[ Events ] Shinobi Feast wheel rates


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Hello everyone,

I'm here to share my experience with the shonobi wheel.

The last 3 times this event was published (21 days) I spun 2-5 times the wheel since I also went for platinum recharge which was available at the same time. I realized that in my first 2 spins I always got 100 coupons. However when I recharged a bigger amount and spun the wheel 20+ times on a single day and the result was I only landed twice on the 100 coupons slot; during my first spin and one more time.

This behavior is repeating itself one more time this week since today and yesterday got 100 coupons each time with my first spin.

In summary, I have gotten 100 coupons with my first 2-3 spins every time (20+ times) and got practically nothing when I spun the wheel several times in one day.

Is this just me? Or do you guys also have had a similar experience?

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In the tenten wheel the first spin of the day is a sure 100 coupons rewards. Since the 2nd onwards is, random. Has always been so.

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Ok what are u trying to do exactly? I saw ur post on events feedback..everyone that spends knew that we get 100 the first or second turn...sounds to me that u really want them to take that too...are u srsly posting that cause every time ....EVERY TIME u spin it for the first time u get 100 and later is random and its bad for u? And trust me now that they saw that they gonna switch it...good luck getting 100 again.. Im a spender and yeah from 10 spins I get that 100 maybe a 50 a 30 sometimes a frag...i only know that people havent won a 5 frag...cause its there just to take was a good event, I dont think next month we will get that 100 either so thx.

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You saw my post on feedback? what do you mean exactly and what does that have to do with anything?

I asked if this was a permanent feature and it seems it is. Great that's a 40% return on a 5$ recharge, why would they change this if it was intended? Because i asked a question? Contrary to your belief I do not have that much influence in the game.

So You are welcome

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I recharged 3000 for 6 days during Minato event and got mostly coupons some cave keys and purify runes ,2 susano frags /day.On the last day ,I recharged 8000 and got 2 susano frags,some cave keys and a lot of purify runes.My conclusion: recharge wheel event gives you about 25% rebate(coupons and items;coupons decrease and items increase with spin count) and about 2 frags/day .ps:500 coupon is super rare,100 is rare, 50 medium rare, 20-30 common.

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