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[ Fanart ] Just a Scarlet


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Wow I'm on a roll with drawing this week :D


So I tried to make his face a little less feminine and I think I did it? I've always saw Scarlet Blaze Johansson here as this cheeky lil brat that gets a little bit too into it when fighting enemies 'n stuff so I gave him a smirk/smile/whateveridkthedifference with the help of Kakegurui's infamous faces but toned down by a lot

Edit: Also just noticed and this is completely unintentional but if you cover the right side of his face he looks like he's just giving you a nice smile but if you do the opposite he looks a little smug

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This is kind of smile that makes me fear for my safety... he's obviously up to no good Like if he was imaging you covered in flames and loved the idea...

Doesn't change the fact that he's just pretty little flower Flower that you don't want to pick up fight with.

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Scarlet...what the heck are you planning?

Scarlet has that * smile, like he's gonna turn into Orochimaru or something.

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he's handsome!

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