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[ Suggestions ] Please bring back Myoboku Event!


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I would argue that the three part Myoboku event was the best event you guys have ever done and I think it needs to become a regular in the event cycles.

Between the free frags (which the ninja could be swapped out each time for someone different) the Jenga style event giving free cave keys and coupons, and that wheel I would argue that event is even better than lucky board.

The only thing i didn't like about the wheel too much was that the spins got more and more expensive each time so I personally only spun it once a day but every reward on the wheels was at least pretty good and at best awesome (for 100 coupons a day)

Please bring this event back regularly because it was awesome and especially with this week being lackluster in terms of events (rebates are good, key event is ok) if the Myoboku event had been added in it would have been MUCH better.

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and what about great plates event?it was alsovery good event...

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Don't worry its coming back. On the China server, it appears on the weekends as part of the weekend missions. Just be patient.

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