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Fire Main Char [need help for combos]


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Hi everyone,

I am lvl 53 and my power is to '8561', i want anyone to tell me what are best combos for my fire main.

my ninjas are


if i get any othr ninja i will update my ninjas.

[Update] : i got Chiyo and i got neji great ninja war

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use this lineup:sasuke empty empty

kabuto main hinata

empty empty empty.

skills:dragon flame jutsu,third standard,calestial imprison chase,genjutsu mirror return,and when youll unlock use bani chakra or oboro clone jutsu.summon:small katsuyu,illusion crows.havent tried other kabuto frags from survival shop,do same for hinata from ranking shop and elite instances.and if you want more debuff style team use karin at kabutos place.but shes not good at healing and shell earn you 1 more combo.

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