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[ Videos ] Are They Legendary Uchiha Family? Why I Can only Recognize Sasuke!


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I am only capable of recognizing Sasuke.

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from the pic before you play the video i can tell that the second from the left is Madara,sasuke on the middle,and next to sasuke on his right it is his brother itachi and the last one on the right i think it is shisui itachi's best friend the rest i don't know.

Hoppe that helps a little.

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+1 for me xD

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From the thumbnail, far left is izuna, Madara's brother who was equally as strong as tobirama (second hokage who created edo tensei, flying thunder god, shadow clone jutsu etc.)

To the right of izuna is Madara who is probably one of the strongest characters in naruto. Stronger than the 5 Kages combined (Rinne Sharingan, complete susanoo, six paths etc.)

To the right of Madara is obito (Tobi), started the 4th great ninja war with kabuto for 3 days. For 2 people against the 5 shinobi countries + land of iron, they did a pretty good job. (Rinnegan, six paths of pain jinchurikis, kamui, yin yang release, wood style jutsu, ten tails jinchurikis)

Sasuke and itachi everybody knows who they are and why they're strong

To the right of itachi is kagami Uchiha, same generation as hiruzen and danzo, Shisuis dad. Not much known about him.

Last is Shisui, lots of potentential, but died early, almost used komoamatsuki to stop the coup d'état plan. (Body flicker technique, susanoo, komoamatsuki the strongest genjutsu)

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the last is kagami , the shuisui's father

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Left to right

Izuna, Madara, Obito, Sasuke, Itachi, Kagami & Shisui

(Pretty easy..)

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