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On my server, S10, I realized that it's entirely too easy for one person to hold all the huge titles and for nobody else to get any. We've got the Strongests spread out, but with one person able to be more powerful than everyone else, they get several top titles.

I was wondering if maybe we wanted to add more titles, or change the conditions so that there's additional numbers of certain titles given out? (like 1 vs. 1000 which is for 2nd and 3rd being for top ten or so) Maybe do ones that are second and third strongest Water, Earth, etc.? It'd make for more fancy accomplished people.

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a simple fix to this is for the unique titles to be given a rank, and each ninja may only hold one title, the strongest title you have would be yours, and any others you qualify for would be handed to the next best qualified ninja.
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I like this!!!! BUMP :victory:
Another suggestion would be to give people ranks based on power that scale with the average of the largest power group. (does that make sense?)

Then there could be multiple titles per rank someone is in. Then if you power up enough you have a good chance of moving up to the next rank, so so forth...

There's a lot of flaws in this but it's also just a suggestion.
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Hey there !

Thank you for your suggestions. I will pass it to our team.
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