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[ Events ] Summon capture


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Yes, there are many ways to do it:

1. If your group have enough people, attack the summon together and do the full 10 round, so that it dies in one wave of attack. The ambush stuff doesn't REALLY matter, you don't have to kill them to complete summon (thou they do give a bit rewards if you do). This pretty much bypass the ambush

2. Form teams. Unfortunately, you can't team up IN the summon interface, probably a bug IMO, but you can form team OUTSIDE and then enter together. With a team, you can beat them, and then you can do summon. Note that you ONLY lose summon chance if you are defeated by them, killing them do NOT consume chances.

3. Use *. They will auto attack players, however they will NOT attack a player or a team that contains a player if the player have 0 chance left. Given that, if a player WITH chance and a player WITHOUT chance form a team, they can safely run up to the summon, then the player WITH chance quickly exit team and hit summon before ambushes can get to him. This is mostly used in case of #1 failing.

4 Use players as punching bag to occupy them. This is similar to #3. Fact of the matter is, there are only 3 of them. And they scale with player's level, so even low player takes a while for them to kill. If some player put up a pure defensive team, they can tie them up for quite a while while everyone else have safe passage. If it comes down to it, the lower level player of the group can make a sacrifice.

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  • Armand__ On 2017-08-03 04:45:14
  • Thx for the info.

    Our group, like in most servers that have yet to merge, only has 5-6 active players that participate in summon capture. So option 1 is out of the question.

    However we will try to either * or use teams. A team of 3 or 2 should beat the elite enemies, provided their stats don't scale with the number of players. Otherwise it will be *, though it is not a reliable method for us.

They don't scale with number, but does scale with the higher level of the team member, so similar level teams would work better

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