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Q: Shikamaru has gone out on a mission. Come play chess with me. A: Okay. Ive always wanted to learn a few tricks from you.

Q: What kind of flower should I buy for Kurenai after my patrol today? A: Roses! The symbol of love!

Q: I've been thiking recently, how can I make Flying Sparrow stronger? A: Why don’t we try injecting some chakras and see?

Q: Choji is realy nice child... A: If only kindness can be transferred into attack power, he would be so powerful!

Q: Father sacrificed his life for the sake of protecting his child. I'm proud of him. A: Thats right! The will of fire carries on!


Q: I'm not a fat pig or anything. I'm just curvaceous! A: Yay, curviness!

Q: My father has said before, one day I will meet a friend who likes my qualities. A: Yes, everybody loves someone as nice as you.

Q: The last piece of food is the essence of delicacies. I won't let anyone else have it! A: I think so too. The last is the best!

Q: Can I really continue the legacy of a good dad…? A: You need to be more confident, Choji!

Q: When I finish my training, shall we go have grill? A: Oh, oh, grill after training is the most delicious?


Q: Youngster, passionate blood, let your youth shine! A: Guy sensei is always so spirited. Makes me envy!

Q: I'm Might Guy, the proud Blue Beast of Konoha. A: Wow, looks so handsome!

Q: Someone who doesn't trust himself has no value. A: So believing in yourself and working hard will amount to success?

Q: I don't want to lose to anybody-especially not Kakashi. A: You guys are a really good pair.


Q: From what I see, it's very hard to became a ninja who can let go of everything. A: People arent vegetables. Who could be so cruel?

Q: People become strong when they wan to protect very important things. A: Youre absolutely right. I want to be as powerful as you too.

Q: I want to realize Zabuza sensei's dream. For this, I can become a real ninja. A: So when are tou going to start living for yourself then?

Q: Without dreams, unneeded by anybody, then there is only pain. A: You need to become stronger. Look at Naruto now.

Q: If possible, I wan to go to the same place as Zabuza. A: Do you know. Zabuza actually cares a lot about you.


Q: Even though my earnings look ordinary, they mean much more than that to me. A: Is it for enhancing the bond between the Ino-Shika-Cho clans?

Q: Speaking of Choji, it's hard for him to thin down after capturing Sasuke. What's making him eat like this! A: Those with heavy damage will need more rejuvination so that they can heal.

Q: Do you know who are Ino-Shika-Cho group? A: Is it the Yamanaka, Nara and Akimichi group?

Q: What do you think of Heart Turn Technique? A: It sounds really great! We can control other remotely!

Q: If I had learned medical jutsu, then I could be like Sakura and help out friends. A: Yes, his power could be even greater than that of Sakuras!

Q: Don't know how Sakura and Sasuke are getting along? A: No worries Sakura likes Sasuke so much. It wont be a problem at all.


Q: Can't we have a higher value wanted mission? A: Its the same concept of murder, why such a big difference in price?

Q: I won't partner up with other people. A: Yes, you dont need to be controlled.

Q: Hidan, can't he be quiter when killing someone? A: Relatively speaking, I prefer silent killers.

Q: Why should I be cruelly treated when I sacrificed my life for the village? A: You cant trust anyone in the world of ninjas.

Q: The Akatsuki's account book is almost red. Maybe they need to accept more wanted mission. A: We didnt think youd be so thoughtful.


Q: Careful not to catch a crow! A: This is the crow thats been following you for the longest time. It looks great.

Q: Collecting puppets is such a happy event! A: Its always so much fun to do what you love!

Q: For puppet masters, poisoning and puppets are both important. A: As ninja, the more attacks the better.

Q: In the past, Temari and I have always tried to hide from Gaara… A: You guys are always hiding from him. Poor Gaara!


Q: What's this taste… You are PLAYERNAME right? A: Yes, yes, your sense of smell is getting better and better!

Q: Akamaru, let's try again! A: Wow! Youre really great!

Q: I should become a Hokage. I should! A: Everybodys dream is to become the Hokage.

Q: Do you know who my brother is? A: Of course its Akamaru.

Q: If I become the Hokage, I will make a Love Your Dog day! A: Thats certain. Dogs are our most loyal companions!

Killer Bee

Q: Come to my concert! Yo! A: Alright, I love rap!

Q: Jinchuriki should be united! Yo! A: People with similar experiences must be able to understand each other!

Q: Naruto and I are goof friend! Yeah! A: Naruto and I are good friends too!

Q: Aren't my eyeglasses the coolest! Yo! A: So cool, I want one too! Yo!

Q: Man should talk with their fists! Yo! A: Then lets give it a try!


Q: In a world without light, flowers only wither. A: But no matter what time, the light of dawn will shine upon darkness!

Q: Nagato and Yahiko's will will not extinguish! A: Um, lets chase their dreams together.

Q: Only when it's raining do I feel safe. A: Because rain can wash away sin.

Q: I hope the next time I see you a flower of hope will blossom from your heart. A: Dreams will never wither.

Q: Jiraiya sensei is the person we admire the most. A: Right, hes a respectable mentor.


Q: Genjutsu is sometimes even more powerful than ninjutsu. A: Really? I want to learn genjutsu too!

Q: Talent matters a lot if you want to become trained in genjutsu. A: Im still pretty confident about my talent!

Q: Kiba, Hinata and Shino have all grown into outstanding ninjas. A: You must be so proud!

Q: Shikamaru will become the best teacher for this child A: He will pass on the will of fire to the next generation!


Q: Naruto has brighter eyes than me. A: Because Naruto is not bothered by wordly judgments?

Q: Is our fate really fixed? A: Submitting to ones fate is the sign of a coward!

Q: Split family, inherited family, what's the difference? A: Even if it’s a split family, you have to be brave enough to be yourself!

Q: Even though I was born in the split family, I have to be not afraid of fighting with fate. A: Thats right. If your dad knew this is what you think hes be very happy.

Q: I want to buy some gifts for Hinata, but I don't know what to buy. A: Give something girls will like.

Q: Hinata is also training very hard for Naruto. A: Maybe this us the power of love.

Pain - Ningendo

Q: … A: I want to learn some spirit drawing techniques too.

Q: … A: Youre really cool.

Q: … A: What kind of place is Hidden Rapids?

Q: Konoha really makes people uncomfortable. A: Youll det used to it eventually.

Q: Can you stop bothering me. A: Im pretty curious about Pain. Can you tell me more about him?


Q: All excellent ninjas could be made into puppets. A: Are the ninjas resources very important to the puppets?

Q: Don't make me wait too long. A: Yes, Ill be back soon. No delays!

Q: Lasting beauty is an art. A: Yes, puppets wont ever disappear.

Q: My goal is to exceed Monzaemon in puppet jutsu! A: You c*ready control the puppets!


Q: I don't like being disregarded… A: We actually carry a lot about you. You are very important to us!

Q: We've had a contract with the insects ever since we were born. A: Doesnt, it feel rotten to be stack inside the body of insect?

Q: Kankuro is a formidable opponent. A: Yes, his puppet jursu is powerful indeed.

Q: I really miss when Hane was still alive. A: Even when he was with Root, hes still working for himslef!

Q: My insect sensory ability has finally become helpful to people. A: Even though insects are tiny, their power is still limitless!


Q: So,… A: What happened? Did you remember something from the past?

Q: So, do not mistreat plants! A: Yes, protecting the environment is good thing!

Q: So, today's weather is a little dry. A: What a dry weather, those trees must be thirsty.

Q: So, Kakashi sensei… A: Are you thinking about Kakashi sensei and the past?

Q: So, I have a nice side, and a bad side. A: Nice in some ways and strict in others. This a powerful kind of ability.

Q: So, are my eyes really weird? A: So much spirit great!


Q: A weaking can only became prey. A: I will try harder to make myself more powerful!

Q: The path of a missing nin can only be spend in darkness. A: We have to finish walking the path we chose for ourselves.

Q: Haku… A: Is he an important companion of yours?

Q: This beheading blade has the blood of countless people. A: I heard its possible regenerate even after the blade breaks.

Q: Naruto has grown into an outstanding ninja. A: Yes, hes the hero in everybodys heart.

Q: When will the village of Hidden Mist have peace… A: Its improved a lot after the Fifth Mizukage entered the stage.

Other ninja looks in the 1st comments...

P.S. If are you know more, please replay, I will correct this post with new info.

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Q: Do you dare to through Nendo Locusts on old Onoki? A: It must be fun! Hahaha!

Q: Do you know what is true art? A: Of course! Art is a blast!

Q: I'm already ready to sacrifice my life for my ultimate art! A: I have your back!

Q: Let's create a more beautiful work of art! A: The Kibaku Nendo is ready! Let's start!

Q: Look at my new Nendo clones! They not only seize enemies, but c*so self-implode! A: Tremendous! Explode one for me to see!

Q: Sasori's existence is a blasphemy to the word art! Hum! A: How would he understand the beauty of explosions!


Q: Finally I can sleep right… A: Why couldn't you sleep before?

Q: I have to carry this gourd with me everywhere. What a pain. A: Your best weapon is inside, isn't?

Q: It's as if Kankuro and Temari are really afraid of me… A: Try to talk with them more.

Q: Naruto, you will become the Hokage! A: Is he your best friend?

Q: What does farther really think of me? A: He must have his own issues.

Q: What does "Jinchuriki" really mean… A: Is it not because of power and strength?


Q: I don't really want to take bath with other girls. A: Actually, you don't need to so shy.

Q: I've got a new mission. A: It looks really difficult. Are you gonna be okay?

Q: I've lost again to that Neji… A: Just give you best!

Q: I won't have to hide in Naruto's shadow anymore! A: You can do it! You'll catch him!

Q: It's hard to knit scarves… A: You're thoughtful. Did you knit it for a boy?

Q: Training with Kiba and Shino is hard. A: Kiba and Shino are reliable teammates, aren't they?


Q: Come on, I'll take you the bathhouse! A: The bathhouse again?

Q: Come on, want to go to a drink? A: I'm in! Let's drink, Jiraya!

Q: If I should never come back from this mission… A: No, you will come back alive!

Q: Tell you what, I'm Gamamaru. A: Yes, it's Jiraya, one of the three Sannin!

Q: What are the talents of a ninja. Do you know? A: A ninja is someone who can has unlimited patience.

Q: Why has my hair gone all white? The girls think I'm a grandpa. A: That's your style!


Q: A person who doesn't care about his friends is rubbish. What do you think? A: Comrades are a ninja's most valuable asset and where our bond lies.

Q: Guy hasn't played with me for a while now. A: I guess he's scared he'll be beaten be Kakashi Sensei.

Q: Haha, I can see Make-out Paradise again! A: Oh! Oh! That's Jiraya's masterpiece!

Q: Oh, I lost my way again on the path of life today. A: Everybody gets lost. We're all probably lost.

Q: Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, don't forget you are a team. A: Yes, Kakashi Sensei.

Q: The Lightning Blade uses too much chakras. I have to make it right! A: Wow! Your Lightning Blade skill can split the lightnings!


Q: Guy Sensei says I'm a genius of hardwork. A: Than you must not disappoint Guy.

Q: I love the tracksuit Guy Sensei gave me! A: Yes… looks pretty spiffy…

Q: I'm going to prove that I can still become a great ninja without knowing ninjutsu and genjutsu. A: Well put! Let's go around Konoha 20 times in a handstand!

Q: I'm going to surpass those geniuses. Neji, Sasuke, just you wait. A: Geniuses aren't unsurpassable. Your effort will pay off.

Q: The lotus flowers of Konoha will blossom again! A: It would be even more dazzling the next time it blooms!

Q: Why won't Sakura glance my way more often… A: That's because you aren't as strong as Sakura.


Q: Alright, give everything for your dream today. A: Surelly you will become a great Hokage!

Q: How could Jiraya be so lustful and yet so powerful? A: He must have put in a lot of afford too.

Q: I may be a genin right now, but I will train hard and become the Hokage! A: Come on, Naruto. I believe you could do it.

Q: Uh… I'm hungry… A: I'll take you to Teuchi's for ramen!

Q: Why does Hinata blush every time she sees me? A: Well, maybe she likes you?

Q: Why is Sasuke so stubborn? A: Sasuke… has his problems.


Q: I need to get more and more ninjutsu! All of it! A: You've done so many experiments. It will definitely work.

Q: Get Sasuke to get a new container. Hahaha! A: One step at a time. Practice patience in everything.

Q: Life doesn't have any meaning to begin with, but as long as live, interesting things happen. A: Orochimaru, I admire you, but I like girls.

Q: Tears mean nothing for me. Since I was selected by god, then I will give up everything to find the truth! A: Yes, Orochimaru, everything in this world is structured according to the truth.

Q: The life of the body is too short and too unpredictable. A: Yes, only spirit can live forever!

Q: To achieve my goals, no matter how dark the forces, I will use them if I must. A: Hate is a terrible force. Can I control them?


Q: How can I get Sasuke's heart back… A: Try to be real with him. Then maybe you will succeed.

Q: I don't want to be protected anymore. A: It shows that you've grown, Sakura.

Q: I want to become a ninja like Tsunade too. A: If you train hard, you'll make it. You're not a * girl.

Q: It feels so good to heal people with healing jutsu. A: Sakura has a good heart.

Q: Naruto always develops just when we are not careful. A: If Naruto can do it, you can do it too.

Q: Why is Ino always against me… A: This is how girls are. Just use mutual understanding.


Q: How can I become stronger? A: Don't forget your goals.

Q: I still don't get it. Why would Itachi do that kind of thing. A: I don't get it either, but, there must be something about it

Q: I will have my revenge on that guy! A: I don't get it, but I support you!

Q: In my eyes, Orochimaru is nothing more than a mere clown. A: What enviable power.

Q: What's up? A: I've learned new tricks. Look!

Q: Why does Naruto keep on bugging me?! A: Because he can't let go of the bond between you.


Q: Chess, again, ugh, so much trouble… A: Than let's just lie down and look at the sky

Q: Choji wants to take me out for girl again. A: He can do more than just eat.

Q: Don't interrupt me when I'm thinking… A: It would be nice I could be as smart as you.

Q: We've got to practice the same jutsu over and over again every day… A: I want be as good at ninjutsu as you!

Q: Why do you only come to me when you have problems… A: Who told you to be an expert strategist?

Q: Women are a nuisance… A: Yes, women are impossible to fathom.


Q: Apparently I really miss Konoha’s chestnuts. A: Konoha's chestnuts are fuller than those of the Land of Wind.

Q: Gaara doesn't save my any worries at all. A: As his big sister, help him a little more.

Q: How much time does it take to comb every day? A: Why do you have four braids?

Q: I have to carry this fun everywhere. It's so heavy! A: Can you show it to me? What good is the three-star fun?

Q: It would be nice if Kamaitachi can carry on forever like the other summons. A: Yes, it's great to have the company of summons.

Q: Shikamaru has a good brain… A: Haha, is the also a little bit of admiration besides envy?


Q: Any attempt in today's training must be spot on! A: Come on! It takes not only precision but also power!

Q: Both Neji and Lee are really diligent. A: Are they all reliable comrades?

Q: I feel hopeless in the presence of an opponent like Tsunade. A: Why don't you try to use chakras on your tool?

Q: I feel powerless in the presente of an opponent like Temari… A: Why don't you try infusing Chakra in your tools?

Q: I spend a lot of time every day to clean my tools. I'm tired. A: You're really great! Just Kunai and Shuriken are enough…

Q: It's really simple to summon tools with scrolls. A: You're quite talented in space-time ninjutsu!

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