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Early 3.0 what can we expect


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Before anything else, I would like to point out that finding any future content info about this, is very very hard, and even after doing hours of digging things I found are nowhere near a full list, more like a few highlighted points.

What is more every single server get's things in scrambled order, so it is impossible to tell WHEN we will get what. Examples : Germany gets Jinjuriki 2 treasure 2 weeks after 3.0 update, we got it one week before. Chinese server gets Kurenai, neji, kiba, shino ninjas in home 2+ months after 3.0 update. We got them as it was released. (Please do keep in mind that it also does not mean we always get thing earlier)

Anyhow, let's get to it, what can we expect of early 3.0 to bring to the table?

1) Kushina draws near :


Mystery : Causes High float and interrupt. Can be cast on teammate to remove debuffs instead.
Standard attack : If there are no clones, summons 1 - 2 clones.
Chase : Chases repulse causes knockdown immobile.
Passive 1 : If there are clones on the field, attacks 1 target causes repulse
Passive 2 : Heals self before action.

On this server she was obtainable in Sage chest event, costing 18 points per fragment. In comparison Jonin Minato costed 50, Edo Sasori 40.

And on that let's move to next ninja likely to appear in next couple of months :
2) Edo Sasori


Mystery : Grants additional attack up to 9 Edo Tensei ninjas from your field, and removes one layer of debuffs.
Standard : Causes damage and poisoning
Passive 1 : If there is a dead ally, may cause chaos to 1 enemy unit.
Passive 2 : Generates shield 40% resistance up to 9 Edo Tensei, increases damage 30%, last 3 turn
Passive 3 : If killed will resurrect with 30% hp after 3 turns.

(Thank you for correcting translation mistakes for Sasori, I knew I wouldn't have to wait long :P)

3) Orochimaru Konoha traitor Skill Break

4) This the most likely next costume we'll get :

5) And since we are at it already the next one too :

6) Kabuto Skill Break
Also with that Skill break get ready for Kabuto to be monthly login ninja, it is what happened on source server. Skill books in x days attendance.

7) Ultimate training more stages :
Pretty straight forward here, and yes Tendo fragments come with this too, however I would not expect this to appear until the next treasure is near to arrive, since it does use ninjas from this treasure.

8) Gaara Skill Break :

Disappointed in monthly Kabuto fragments? Don't worry, next month source server got Gaara as monthly :) Skill books included too.

(Post still being written, I'm tired though so will take a few hours of rest)

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Sooo... Kushina launch a fryin pan attack on teammate to knock him out of debuff?

And am I seeing right- CATS COSTUMES? I mean those other all stylish and nice but KITTENS EVERYWHERE

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Talking about the above Costume that will release in future, I am not sure which version of costume will N.A server release....Obviously, CN version costume and TW version costume has totally different bonus status.In china verson costume, they managed to nerf some bonus on the costume, but given it as a free costume to players. While TW version costume will be double the bonus status..but charge it for money....I guess Oasis will do something like Nerf the bonus status and charge it for ingot....So, don't expect too much for upcoming costume....they will be likely to charge for ingot...or make it really expensive.

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For those who havent seen it, we have this with ninja's translations that are to come.

For example, Edo Sasori:


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Thanks for digging deep for us! I've got detailed skill descriptions for the ninjas here.

Kushina Uzumaki [Hot-Blooded Habanero]:

Mystery: [Prompt] Attack up to 3 enemy ninjas, and cause paralysis. Cause repulse to the selected ninja, and remove immune state if it has it. At the end of the round, the target will regain immune state, and lose all debuffs caused to it during this round.

Battlefield Entrance Cooldown: 3 rounds

Cooldown: 6 rounds

Chakra Consumption: 20

Standard: Attack the enemy with the lowest life, and cause paralysis. Has a fixed chance of causing high float.

Chase: Chase low float, cause knockdown and immobile.

Passive 1: When this ninja is hit by an attack, reduce the mystery cooldown by 1 round and increase this ninja’s critical rate by 4%.

Passive 2: Recover a certain percentage of life each round before your action, and immune to all debuffs

Sasori [Reanimation]:

Mystery: [Prompt] Grant selected ninja’s team and up to 9 reanimated allies one extra standard attack, and remove one layer of debuffs.

Battlefield Entrance Cooldown: 1 round

Cooldown: 3 rounds

Chakra Consumption: 20

Standard: Attack opposing enemy, cause poisoning.

Passive 1: If a team member is dead, Sasori may use him/her to attack instead of a standard attack, and this causes chaos.

Passive 2: At the beginning of battle, give up to 9 reanimated ninjas a 40% shield and 30% increase attack and ninjutsu for 3 rounds.

Passive 3: When Sasori dies, revive after 2 rounds and re-activate Passive 2.

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also Edo tensei deidara and zaku .

Deidara [Reanimation]:

Mystery: [Prompt] Cause fire attribute ninjutsu damage to 12 enemies and cause knockdown to selected target.

Battlefield Entrance Cooldown: 1 round

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Chakra Consumption: 60

Standard: Attack 4 opposing enemies.

Chase: Chase low float, cause repulse, activated 2 times per round.

Passive 1: Before each action, summon 2 clay spiders. This can be activated 2 times per round. Both will self-destruct and damage+ignite 2 enemy members.

Passive 2: When Deidara lands a critical attack, ignite the enemy that received the critical attack. Whenever a unit dies on the battlefield, gain a 6% critical increase, stackable up to 80%

Zaku Abumi:

Mystery: [Prompt] Causes wind damage to target and repulse

Battlefield Entrance Cooldown: 1 round

Cooldown: 2 rounds

Chakra Consumption: 20

Standard: Attack the target with a high probability of repulse

Chase: Chases repulse, causes crit.

Passive 1: This ninja has an increased crit rate.

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Thank you everyone for correcting mistakes in translation of Sasori's skills, but updates order are so screwed up, I have decided to give up in the end.

I would really like to finally have one place where we can see what to expect in this version of the game, but it's not possible. The server I am finding info from, get's 1.0 things along with our current content. So, unlike what I believed this game has no hope as far as future content transparency goes. For all we know we can get anything, any time or maybe we won't get anything.

I'm throwing the towel for now, things I didn't write about yet in the main post are more breakthroughs (can't say when will come which), new game mode, which I'd call capture the bridge (Again, maybe we'll get it soon, maybe in years.) And of course next treasure, which will contain Ay, and the Samui squad,
I will add things from German version of the game though, as our server seems to follow it in some degree.

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