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[ Fanfiction ] [1st Year Anniversary] Rain on my Parade (Rating T)


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Natsume Reiko was no longer amused. Her day had started out horribly. She overslept and then as she was jumping out of bed, her legs got tangled in the sheets which caused her to face-plant into the ground. As she fell, she knocked over her cup of water dousing herself with it. At the time, she couldn't help but laugh at her clumsiness. She should have taken that as a sign from the universe and crawled back into bed and stayed there for the remainder of the day. 'But did I listen to my instinct? NOoooooooooO' She thought in annoyance. 10 times she had tried to head to her group, 10 times she had to turn back because she got doused by someone wielding the celebratory water guns and balloons. 'Whoever thought up the idea to give ninja's WATER guns is gonna die. I'm gonna STRANGLE them when I get my hands on them....... or drown them.......or BOTH' Reiko thought venomously. The first time she left her apartment, she tried to look decent for the celebrations, at this point, her group is lucky if she even even manages to show up at all.

As grumpy as she was, she couldn't help but admire all the decorations the event committee and all the other ninja's put into the celebrations. Along the way, she stopped by one of the stalls and handed in her "activity" sheet for the day. After the 5th dousing and needing to change, she decided to do the daily mission to get points to exchange for prizes. Luckily, she managed to avoid anyone who would have drenched her. So she got her customary water guns for showing up, plus her choice on what prizes to pick. 'Hmmmmm, which one should I get? I need the thread for my battle armour buuuut the amount of points needed is kinda expensive considering the max we're allowed a day' Then her eyes fell on the least expensive item and a wicked grin flit its way onto her face 'A water gun eh? Not needed, but it's inexpensive......and I could have a LOT of fun with these. Like, oh say, I don't know. How about PAYBACK. Mwahahahahahhahaha' Reiko couldn't contain the maniacal laughter.

The vendor looked at the cackling girl in slight fear and slowly started inching away, he knew all ninja's were a wee bit insane but he was hoping to get through his shift WITHOUT any .....incidences. Guess today just wasn't his lucky day.

Reiko evilly grinned at the vendor "I'll spend all my points on these" she said pointing to the water guns "please and thank you"

"Um, Ah, yeah sure" He stammered before processing her request and handing over the merchandise. "Ha...have a great day" He stuttered

"You too~!!" Reiko replied with enthusiasm before skipping off with her loot.

She was heading to her Group HQ, code name: The Foundation where she was currently the leader. The Hokage implemented the system for clan-less ninja's to join together and support one another, similar to clans. Although ninja's from clans could join if they wanted. Group's came in handy for when she needed to team up with someone for one of the daily missions she was assigned. What was also pretty interesting was how the Hokage also implemented a "tournament" for group's to attend twice a week. Once was prelim's the other the finals. It's to "promote friendly rivalry" and to "show how much we've grown" or something like that. Luckily, her group was #2 in her assigned section. Sadly, they had issues beating their rival group: The Guardians, which was ranked #1. She could count on one hand how many times they managed to win the tournament. She couldn't help the mischievous grin that slipped onto her face, she knew EXACTLY WHO she was going to use the water guns on...... or rather, what GROUP she was gonna use them on.

"Aiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" Reiko screeched in shock from violently being thrown out of her plotting by being drenched in the face. She scowled as she cameacross the laughing face of Jazz, one of the ninja's from her rival group. Before Reiko could retaliate, Jazz disappeared in a puff of smoke. 'That is the SIXTH time in the passed HOUR.....I really should be paying more attention to my surroundings' Reiko thought exasperatedly. She looked down at her drenched clothes and sighed in defeat 'This was my last dry pair of clothes' she thought in despair. 'Irk, Oh forget it! I GIVE UP.! The universe is against Natsume looking decent. Besides, I can't delay any longer. Our group activities are about to start and we need to finish organizing some things for the event' Reiko thought with a sigh.

Before she knew it, she was standing outside her group HQ. She threw open the doors and began to greet everyone.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm la-" Reiko spluttered as she was nailed in the face...yet again by another water gun. She gave the perpatrator a betrayed look, her group-mate Ec, he just grinned impishly at her. 'Yep, most definitely gonna kill the person who decided to hand these out, or at least pay them back for this. Lotsa fun using them, not so much being the one they're used on.' She thought murderously.

"...Weeeell now that THAT is outta the way" She gave a pointed look at Ec who began whistling innocently."It's time to start today's events for the celebration. So everyone clear on the rules? One team will hide while the other will seek. Once the seeking team has found someone from the hiding team, they must shoot the person with the water gun. If you get hit, you must return to base and wait for everyone else from your team to return. Last one caught wins, sounds fair?"

"I thought you weren't gonna use your water guns Nat?" Sashimae asked her confused

"....I don't plan on playing, I plan on going after The Guardians" She replied with a cold smile. Her group shuddered in slight fear and edged away slowly from her.

"Eh, you getting revenge on them or something?" OriOn asked. Reiko nodded her head and clapped her hands with glee.

"Eh, it's one of the only times we can pull one over on them~ So I'm gonna take it" Reiko shrugged her shoulders non-nonchalantly "Can ya blame me?"

"Revenge huh?" oRiOn responded with a mischievous smile. Reiko shuddered slightly in apprehension. She knew that look. OriOn and oRiOn were twins, impish ones who tried to troll and/or prank her whenever the chance presented itself. Luckily she always was able to counter. She affectionately called them the "Oreo" siblings as she called OriOn 'Ori' and oRiOn 'Rio" which sounded like the name brand "Oreo". Ori gave his sibling a knowing look. She glared at them su*iously and began to sweat nervously as they grinned at her.

"Then let's play hide and seek, Nat hides and we all seek....consider it revenge for all the sparring matches" The twins spoke in unison. '*it, I KNEW they were still mad when they teamed up to fight me at the same time and I beat both of their asses' Reiko couldn't help blanching at the thought of having to run and hide from all of her group mates, she gave them all a pleading look as she very slowly started inching for the door.

"Eh, you guys wouldn't do that to me right? Right? Right?" She asked nervously, but all the maniacal grins she was faced with made her heart sink. She was so screwed. She then turned accusing eyes to all of them ".......y'all were planning this from the beginning, weren't ya?"

"Heh, got that right" Emo smirked at her with a dark glint in his eyes.

"Welp, there's only one thing left for me to do" She gave them all a salute ".......Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee" Reiko promptly ran away screaming like a banshee as her group mates went charging after her.

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Reiko quickly lost track of how long she'd been running and hiding from her group mates. Every time she thought she was of them would pop outta no where and she'd have to take off again. Or one of The Guardians would point her group mates in her direction, some of who went looking for her SPECIFICALLY for that reason. Namely King. Reiko was annoyed, and she knew JUST how she was going to wreak vengeance on them. But she needed to gather a few things first before she sought out the the most VITAL part to her plot. She couldn't help the wicked grin that appeared on her face 'Time to get to work' She thought with glee.

Surprisingly, it didn't take her long to gather everything she needed and positioning it all into place. She ran into very few people although there had been a few close calls with the Oreo siblings....and Nami. She just needed one last thing, the most VITAL thing...or should she say, PERSONS. She knew where they'd likely be, but the issue was sneaking around to that area. Not only was it one of the most populated right now, but from her perch on the building, she could see some of the people hunting her were patrolling around. As she looked at Ichiraku Ramen, she could see the two figures she was looking for. They both were slouched over, looking exhausted.

Reiko grinned maliciously as she noticed her "prey" were distracted. She glanced around to make sure the coast was clear, before jumping down from her perch and sauntering over to where both of her "prey" were situated. Not once removing her eyes from her goal. As she approached, she noticed something

"Heya Ichiraku-san, may I please have a pork ramen?" She called to the owner with a smile before turning to the duo seated at the bar, eating very listlessly.

"Sheesh, what happened to you two?" Reiko asked with hidden amu*t. As she plopped down tiredly on the stool, beside the very....neon-coloured Iruka-sensei. Iruka scowled.

"The academy students got a hold of an extra batch of the celebratory water guns, except they were filled with a "special paint" instead of water" Iruka slumped over the counter exhaustedly. Reiko felt sympathetic, she knew how vicious those little demon spawn could be.

"Well that explains you Iruka-sensei....but Naruto? How did YOU get mixed up in this?" Reiko questioned, her head tilted to the right slightly in confusion. Iruka turned a murderous glare to Naruto who started to laugh nervously.

"Ehehehehe it's kind of a funny story Reiko-chan" Naruto started, but at Iruka's glare intensifying he gulped in fear and quickly changed his tune "The paint guns were mine, I was gonna use them for a prank but Konohamaru found them. Ehehehehe he wound up "borrowing" them, when I went to get them back they attacked me and then they got Iruka-sensei too!" Naruto explained sheepishly while scratching the back of his head. Reiko raised an eyebrow.

"...aaaand why didn't you wa* off and change your clothes?" Reiko questioned in bewilderment. Iruka's eyes seemed to start burning holes into Naruto at her inquiry. Naruto shrugged helplessly.

"Ehehehe Even after changing, they keep managing to get us with the paint guns. Ah the paint was special. It doesn't wash off or disappear after it hits the target. It takes about 3 days to wear off, neat huh?" Naruto explained animatedly.

" I even wanna KNOW how you managed to get your hands on something like that?" Reiko hesitantly asked. Naruto just grinned mischievously and s* his head negatively.

" lemme get this straight, the so called "Prankster". Got pranked by his own prank?" Reiko asked, biting her lip to keep from laughing.

"Waaah, Reiko-chan. Don't put it like that." Naruto whined pathetically. Reiko couldn't help it, she lost it. The two of them looked RIDICULOUS, and the story behind it was just as much so. Reiko could clearly imagine how it all went down.

"Bahahahahahahahaha, you got outsmarted by a bunch of academy students~!!" Reiko managed to choke out between guffaws. It took her a while to calm down, needing to wipe away the tears of her mirth. Naruto was pouting and grumbling about his misfortune while Iruka was seething.

"Hmm well" Reiko started, still giggling "I have had a bit of misfortune myself with those *ed water guns. I was thinking it'd be nice to get some payback for it.....So I have a bit of a proposition for you two, if you're interested?" Reiko smiled devilishly. Naruto and Iruka both perked up at her question. Teuchi placed the ramen down in front of Reiko before backing away slowly.

Ichiraku Teuchi couldn't help but watch his 2 favourite customers and their friend whispering animatedly while scarfing down the food in front of them with renewed vigor. Once the whispering died down, and the food had all vanished, the trio all nodded in unison while sharing particularly unnerving grins with each other. Teuchi had to suppress a shudder, nothing good ever came when those expressions crossed their faces. It was the same look they all had before causing mischief. Not many remembered Iruka-sensei's childhood as the village prankster, but he sure did. Even less people knew that Iruka-sensei never quit pulling pranks, he only became an expert at not getting caught. He couldn't help but wonder if there was something wrong with his stand or food, as the three of them only teamed up and plotted pranks together at his stand.

Teuchi was snapped out of his musings as Iruka-sensei stood up after placing the correct amount of money on the counter to pay for the meals. Iruka-sensei departed whistling innocently and with a spring in his step. He was no longer the exhausted teacher from before. Naruto-kun and Reiko-chan both said their good-byes with renewed energy, before disappearing into opposite directions of each other. He quickly sent up a quick prayer to whatever higher power was listening, 'May the Gods have mercy on whoever invoked the wrath of those three'. No sooner had he finished his prayer, the screams of shock and outrage began.


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