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[ Suggestions ] Kabuto ultra nerf


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make kabuto the way he is before, lot's of people need him for SA, wtf no human experiment on everyone, doesn't receive double healing, is he even useful now? only kimimaro is the useful sound ninja that can benefit in his lifeleech

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i had pointed out the problem too here:

now, he is actually like he is in china, so he needs to get an update of the tooltip, but i doubt we will ever get him back as it used to be.

On the bright side now we will very likely get also his pretty OP skill breaktroughs...

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not really OP breakthroughs I already read them a few weeks ago

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Try using Sakura GNW she work for me.

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Hey there,

I understand the frustration, however the change will most likely stay, it's unlikely for it to be taken back.

I will highlight the dissapointment to our team, thank you for the suggestion ^^

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