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[ Help ] ninja medal discount


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"It is discounted to 1500 when you hit lvl 51 and you get the free trial. As far as I know they've never put it on sale like that beyond that period, it's a one-time thing.

They probably should put it on sale occasionally for people who are already deep into a server.

If your server hasn't merged, when it eventually does there is an event that gives a pretty good rebate (in coupons) for recharging. Other than that you'd have to just look for a good recharge and/or spending rebate during an event to drop those ingots during."

I read this reply from another forum.

Is it real that I can get free jonin medal and discount to 1500 when I hit lvl 51?

Please answer me. Then I need to wait to buy jonin medal until then.

Thank you.

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for me don't buy jonin medal, i rather buy monthly card pack!

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