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[ PVP ] Hokage Minato Minor Buff??


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  • It's a bug, he'll be patched soon.

It was initially going to be patched as a lot of people noticed that he had his 4.0 buffs (which he just got in CN 3~ weeks ago) but for one reason or another they said they were letting it stay. Unless that's changed, which it may have ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Jonin vs Hokage Minato comes down to this:


Scaling +Taijutsu/Combo the longer a fight goes

Can potentially mystery every turn

x2 Chase


Mystery benefits from both TAI and NIN vs Jonin's TAI only.

+40% resist to entire field for 5 rounds (permanent after skillbook)

Scaling +combo the longer a fight goes

Tag + damage before every action

Can potentially interrupt an entire lineup as early as turn 2 if he can target his mystery on a tagged ninja. Super powerful, the only other ninjas capable of doing this are Edo Hashi (not available) and Torume (non-prompt and honestly who uses Torume).

IMO: Jonin is more offensive oriented due to his scaling damage and x2 chases but Hokage offers more utility/defensive and grants a good amount of tankiness to your ninjas. For extra fun, try running earth main with +Def/Resist (+20%/40%) passive with Hokage Minato.

That being said, I ended up not getting Jonin Minato since I already have 4* Hokage Minato and just grabbed Obito instead.

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